Bank Credit Analyst Salary

How much does a bank credit analyst earn?

What is the Bank Credit Analyst Salary?

The bank credit analyst salary varies depending on the analyst’s number of years of work experience, as well as their technical know-how and traditional accounting and financial skills. Since the economy is continuously evolving, there is a high demand and several growth opportunities for bank credit analysts not only in banks and credit unions but also in investment firms and credit rating agencies. As the analysts gain more experience in the industry, the most common career paths for them are senior credit analyst, credit manager, and portfolio manager.

Bank Credit Analyst Salary

The primary role of a bank credit analyst is to evaluate the creditworthiness of people or organizations that apply for loans. They are the ones who determine the degree of risk in extending a line of credit or lending money to an individual or a company. According to Robert Half’s 2018 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals, the midpoint salary for bank credit analysts is $51,500. The figure applies to those with one to three years of work experience.

Credit Analyst Salaries in US Cities


CityMidpoint Salary
Birmingham, AL$48,925
Des Moines, IA $51,500
Detroit, MI  $51,500
Greenville, SC  $47,895
Las Vegas, NV  $51,500
Louisville, KY  $47,380
Phoenix, AZ  $58,195
Portland, OR  $55,105
San Francisco, CA  $72,100
Tulsa, OK  $47,895

Popular Employer Salaries for Bank Credit Analysts

Wells Fargo & Co.$62,000
Wells Fargo Bank$65,000
Comerica Bank$48,000
Bank of America Corp. $62,000
Fitch Ratings Corporation$71,000
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. $64,000
Farm Credit$47,000

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