Credit Analyst Salary

How much does a credit analyst earn?

What is the Credit Analyst Salary?

The credit analyst salary ranges between $45,010 and $56,208 in the US. The midpoint salary of a credit analyst with one to three years of work experience is $51,500.

Educational background, certifications, skills, and the number of years of work experience all play key roles in determining the salary. The majority of professionals in the credit analysis field possess a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, economics, or mathematics. Credit analysts are responsible for assessing the creditworthiness of individuals, companies, or organizations that apply for loans.

Credit Analyst Salary

With the ever-evolving finance industry, there are several growth opportunities for credit analysts not only in banks and related financial institutions but also in government agencies and rating agencies. As they gain more work experience, they can move forward with their career and become consumer credit analysts or credit investment analysts.

Credit Analyst Salaries in US Cities

CitySalary (Midpoint)
Birmingham, AL $48,925 
Des Moines, IA$51,500
Detroit, MI$51,500
Greenville, SC$47,895
Las Vegas, NV$51,500
Louisville, KY$47,380
Phoenix, AZ$58,195 
Portland, OR $55,105 
San Francisco, CA$72,100
Tulsa, OK$47,895

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