Credit Research Analyst Salary

How much does a credit research analyst earn?

What is the Credit Research Analyst Salary?

In the US, the credit research analyst salary ranges from $46,363 to $150,000, with the average annual salary at $62,153.

The credit research analyst salary varies depending on factors, such as educational background, skills, and years of work experience. The job requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business management, though some companies consider applicants with a statistics, mathematics, or an economics degree.

Credit Research Analyst Salary

As with any finance-related job, it is essential to gain experience, whether as an intern or through a training program if you want to become a credit research analyst. It will also be beneficial to work in a company’s credit or accounting departments.

Many say that if you want to start a career in the finance industry, consider applying for a credit research analyst position. The job’s responsibilities include assessing the credit value of the lender and evaluating credit records and economic conditions to determine if the borrower can meet their financial obligations. Banking institutions, investment firms, credit card-issuing companies, and credit rating agencies usually hire credit research analysts.

Credit and Collections Analyst Salaries in US States

New York$74,371
North Dakota$67,981

Popular Employer Salaries for Credit and Collections Analysts

Bank of America$94,292
J.P. Morgan$89K - $107K
MetLife$71K - $87K
Cardinal Health$48K - $68K
Morgan Stanley$78K - $84K
Bloomberg L.P.$90K - $99K
Merrill Lynch$86K - $94K
Barclays$124K - $132K

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