Junior Credit Analyst Salary

How much does a junior credit analyst earn?

What is a Junior Credit Analyst Salary?

As of 2019, the average junior credit analyst salary in the United States is $49,345. The salary varies depending on several factors, such as the employer, location, number of years of work experience, skills, and educational background.

Junior Credit Analyst Salary

A credit analyst is responsible for facilitating credit risk management by looking at how creditworthy an individual or a company is. Someone in the junior position possesses several years of work experience as a credit analyst and/or advanced qualifications. Banks, rating agencies, credit card companies, as well as investment firms, employ junior credit analysts.

Junior Credit Analyst Salaries in US Cities


New York, NY$69,967
Maywood, NJ$50,000
Bogota, NJ$45,000
Atlanta, GA$53,963
Sacramento, CA$55,000

Popular Employer Salaries for Junior Credit Analysts

BNY Mellon$54K-$59K
Alliance Data$47K-$52K
Trinity Industries$55K-$60K
Symicor Group$55,436
TOP NY$52,464
Salem Executive Search$48,311

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