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Public Information Book (PIB)

A Due Diligence Report on a Company's available information

What is a Public Information Book (PIB)?

A Public Information Book (PIB) is a document that compiles available public information on a specific company. Generally, it contains information from the latest annual report, equity research reports, industry information, news articles, and recent quarterly earnings webcast and conference calls for a specific company. A PIB is very helpful when performing due diligence on a company, which in turn is indispensable for Business Valuation. It is a powerful resource that will be the starting point and supporting documentation of your Company Analysis. PIBs are usually prepared by Analysts in investment banking in preparation for a deal/transaction or a pitchbook.


Public Information Book (PIB) - Used in Investment Banking


What’s Included in a PIB?

The following items are usually included in a PIB:

  • News releases (last 6-12 months)
  • SEC filings – such as 10Q, 10K, ownership changes, key events (last 3-5 years)
  • Equity research reports -industry, comps, own bank’s previous research
  • Corporate/ Investor presentations
  • Credit ratings – 2 to 3 rating agency reports
  • Conference call transcripts


Where to Find the Information for a PIB

Usually, having access to databases such as Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Hoovers is a great advantage when preparing the PIB. These are expensive services, but most banks, credit agencies, and buy-side institutions have access to at least one, or usually all, of these systems. Additionally to these paid resources, there is a lot of information online that can be accessed through:

  • EDGAR, SEDAR, and UK Companies House – Access Filings and Financial Statements
  • Company’s Website Investor Relations Section – You may find
    • Earnings conference calls
    • Press Releases
    • Shareholder Letters
    • Proxy Reports
    • Sustainability Reports
  • Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Stock Exchange websites:
    • Historical Stock Prices
    • News Articles


Public Information Book and DCF Business Valuation

Investments Bankers tend to put these Books together for business valuation; they generally have their Junior Analysts doing most of the data collection grunt work. The PIB is a key component of Step 1: Information Gathering of the Four Step Approach to DCF Business Valuation. It is the summary of all of the relevant public information that one should be aware of before valuing a business. The Public Information Book is a valuable resource to understand how the company generates value, how it is managed, and the industry landscape that it is operating in.

The information in the PIB will then be used for the subsequent step of the DCF analysis, Comparable Company Analysis, and creating a pitchbook.

This step can be broken down into:

  • Thorough assessment and critique of a company’s stated strategy
  • An assessment of the management team and its ability to deliver against its stated strategy
  • Detailed and quantified assessment of the company’s competitive advantages and disadvantages
  • Robust review of the company’s financial statements
  • Assessment of industry dynamics
  • General economic and demographic trends


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