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Cyclical Stocks

Unlocking the potential of cyclical stocks in corporate investment
equities articles

Material Adverse Change (MAC)

A MAC (or MAE) is a significant change (or effect) that may negatively influence the outcome of an agreement
valuation equities articles

Elon Musk’s Buyout of Twitter

equities articles

Fed Put

The Fed Put is the belief that the US Federal Reserve will step in to rescue the markets if prices fall too much
economics derivatives equities fixed-income articles

Santa Claus Rally

The tendency for stock markets to rise in the last trading week of December and first two trading days of the new year
equities wealth-management capital-markets articles

Bear Market

A drop in the value of an asset of 20% or more, most commonly used for stock market indexes
equities capital-markets articles

Prime Brokerage

A financial institution that acts on behalf of the client to complete the latter's investment transactions
equities capital-markets articles


The process of issuing and selling shares to investors
equities articles

Candlestick Patterns

Financial technical analysis tools that depict daily price movement information that is shown graphically on a candlestick chart
equities articles

Implied Authority

The ability an individual has to make a legally binding contract on behalf of an individual or organization
valuation equities articles

Income Stocks

Equity financial securities that pay regular and predictable dividends
equities wealth-management capital-markets articles

Automated Trading Systems

Use algorithmic trading to create buy and sell orders on the stock market or other exchanges
equities capital-markets articles

Why Learn Equities with CFI?

As a leader in online financial analyst certification programs, CFI delivers finance-focused training and skill-building for finance professionals. All courses and programs are designed with the help of professional Wall Street trainers who teach new hires at global investment firms.

All courses use proprietary technology and innovative designs to create condensed, self-paced programs that combine theory and practice to build real-world skills. You can take courses anytime, from anywhere, and learn at the pace that works best for you.

With our equities courses, you will learn how to:

Define primary and secondary markets, as well as cash equities versus equity derivatives
Apply technical analysis to real-world examples to decide when and if to execute a trade
Differentiate between the types of equities and funds
Compare valuation and trading techniques
Use equity derivatives to express your trading view

Who is professional stock market training for?

Our equities courses are ideal for investment professionals, finance students, and other learners who want to build skill sets in equities and the stock market. Those looking for careers in investment banking or other areas of finance can benefit from these courses.

Investment professionals

Management consultants

Financial analysts

Registered provider: National Association of State Boards of Accountancy

All courses are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), CPA Institutions in Canada, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the US. Most courses qualify for verified CPE credits for CPA charter holders.

Courses include video lessons, quizzes, and final assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are equities?

Equities are shares of ownership issued by publicly-traded companies and traded on global stock exchanges. Equities are one of the most important and liquid asset classes. Often used as a barometer for the broader economy, equities form an essential part of the investment portfolios for individuals and institutions alike.

What is a stock exchange?

A stock exchange is a marketplace where stocks are bought and sold. Stock exchanges allow companies to raise capital and investors to make informed decisions using real-time price information. Exchanges can exist in physical locations or electronic trading platforms.

If you haven’t found your answer from our FAQ, please send us a message.
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