Webinar Recap: Creating High-Impact Learning and Development Programs in a Hybrid World

With banking and finance workforces becoming more distributed and hybrid work rapidly becoming the norm, Learning and Development professionals are feeling the pressure to adapt. How do L&D programs need to evolve—and how can you best set both remote and in-office employees up for success?

Hosted as a live webinar, you’re invited to join CFI CEO Anna Talerico, Senior VP of Content Operations Tia Williams, and VP of Leadership Skills Helen Wale for an actionable discussion and Q&A on creating a seamless hybrid L&D program. They’ll cover:

  • Hybrid and remote-work challenges facing L&D professionals today
  • The hidden benefits of online and asynchronous learning and development
  • When it does and doesn’t make sense to implement hybrid L&D
  • Best practices for creating a high-impact program
  • New trends and innovations in L&D as we look to 2024 (and beyond!)
  • Plus an open Q&A to ask the experts your own questions

Grab a coffee and watch the recording on your own time!

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