Helen Wale

Helen Wale

VP, Leadership Skills

Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence, Talent Management, Employee Engagement


Helen has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swansea University and a
Master’s degree from De Montfort University. She is a Certified
Executive Coach holding the Professional Certified Coach from the
International Coaching Federation and a Chartered Professional in
Human Resources (British Columbia and Yukon).


Helen is CFI’s VP, Leadership Skills. She has taught and facilitated
workshops primarily in leadership development, employee engagement
and coaching.

Helen is an experienced human resources and organizational
development professional with over 26 years’ experience working in
senior positions in both the UK and Canada. Helen has taught
leadership skills to employees working in accounting, finance and
investment management. Working as a Certified Executive Coach,
Helen has supported employees to maximize their personal and
professional potential as well as improving their ability to navigate
rapid and continuous change.

Outside of work

Outside of work, Helen is an enthusiastic kayaker and has a fascination
with genealogy.

Articles by Helen Wale

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