High-Impact Learning & Development Programs

A comprehensive guide to best practices for distributed workforces in banking and finance.

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A Strategic Guide for L&D in Distributed Workforces

The boundaries of traditional workplaces have given way to a new era of distributed work models that is reshaping the way banking and finance professionals operate. CFI’s guide to High-Impact Learning and Development Programs is tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of distributed banking and finance workforces.

Developed with L&D teams and business leaders specifically in mind, this guide is chock full of insights, expert perspectives, and practical examples to help you champion high-impact L&D at your organization.

Key Highlights

  • Foster continuous learning as a cultural pillar to empower distributed teams.
  • Ensure training relevance through alignment with business and individual objectives.
  • Blend structured and unstructured learning for greater employee productivity and knowledge building over time.
  • Shift from check-the-box training to purpose-built learning solutions that solve real-world problems.

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A comprehensive resource for designing and building robust, world-class L&D programs.

What’s Inside

This comprehensive playbook walks L&D leaders through guiding principles and tactical advice to drive learning excellence across distributed contexts.

  • Instilling a Culture of Learning: Guidance to position learning as a cultural pillar that attracts top talent to your organization.
  • Integrating Formal and Informal Approaches: Blend micro and macro learning for productivity and performance. Curate bite-sized learning to empower teams with quick answers while working. Offer immersive programs for in-depth skill building.
  • Business Alignment for Relevance: Shift from generic, check-the-box training to purpose-built solutions that solve pressing business problems. Case study on role-based learning paths that map training to real-world application.
  • Using Social Learning Principles for Richer Collaborative Experiences: Showcase cohort-based and social learning models that unite dispersed teams. Foster organic idea exchange through networking events, mentorship programs, and online forums.

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