Forward P/E Ratio Template

Forward P/E Ratio Template

This forward P/E ratio template helps you find out the forward P/E ratio given the share price and earnings per share of stocks.

This is what the forward P/E ratio template looks like:

Forward P/E Ratio Template Screenshot

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The forward P/E ratio (or forward price-to-earnings ratio) divides the current share price of a company by the estimated future (“forward”) earnings per share (EPS) of that company.  For valuation purposes, a forward P/E ratio is typically considered more relevant than a historical P/E ratio.

The formula to calculate the forward P/E ratio is the same as the regular P/E ratio formula, however, estimated (or forecasted) earnings per share are used instead of historical figures.

Forward P/E formula:

Forward P/E = Current Share Price / Estimated Future Earnings per Share

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