Invoice Template (Word)

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Invoice Template (Word)

This invoice template (word) will act as a guideline for you when creating sales invoices to keep records of transactions. You can freely modify this template to fit the needs of your company!

Here is a brief preview of CFI’s invoice template (word):

Invoice Template Word

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Documenting Transactions

An invoice is a document that is used to detail the terms and conditions regarding a transaction. It is sent to customers to inform them of their obligation to pay for a good or service. Thus, an invoice is a legally enforceable document that acts as a written record for a transaction.

There are several elements of an invoice. You can check out CFI’s invoice template (word) for examples of these. These elements are as follows:

  • invoice number (reference number)
  • invoice creation/issue date
  • payment due date
  • seller/vendor contact information and address
  • buyer contact information and billing address
  • buyer contact information and shipping address
  • description of the purchased goods or services
  • number of units, price per unit, and total price of goods or services purchased
  • total price of the order, including any discounts or taxes applied
  • payment terms of the order such as the method of payment, banking information, payment due date, and discounts

A shipping address is not always necessary. This depends on the type of product of service being purchased. For example, a car mechanic, which primarily offers services would not require a shipping address for their invoices, as they are not shipping anything. Additionally, payment terms are often expressed as ‘net 30’ or ‘3/10, net 30’. This format is an abbreviated way to say ‘payment is due in 30 days’ or ‘3% discount if the payment is made within 10 days, otherwise the payment is due in 30 days’.

CFI’s invoice template (word) is very modifiable, so if you can choose what goes into your template, based on what fits your company the best!

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