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“Interactive and immersive training”
“Very practical and easy to understand”
“Prepares you with skills needed to actually perform financial analysis”
“Covers all the topics from basics to advanced”
“Updated as per the current industry standards”
“CFI training is included as a required part of our employee onboarding process”
“The production quality is brilliant.”
“Closes the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills”

Comprehensive Banking & Finance Skills for All Levels

From finance fundamentals to advanced deep-dives across hundreds of topics.
Each course offers video lessons, practical templates, interactive exercises, skill validation, and a certificate of completion.
Accounting, Modeling & Valuation
Business Intelligence & Data Science
Commercial Banking & Credit
Capital Markets & Asset Classes
Environmental Social & Governance
Financial Planning & Wealth Management
Leadership & Management Skills
Risk Management
Accounting Excel Financial Modeling Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Macabacus Valuation
Excel Fundamentals - Quick Start Guide
Led by
Duncan McKeen
Excel Fundamentals - Formulas for Finance
Led by
Duncan McKeen
Accounting Fundamentals
Led by
Scott Powell
Reading Financial Statements
Led by
Lisa Dorian
Corporate Finance Fundamentals
Led by
Tim Vipond
Math for Finance Professionals
Led by
Ryan Spendelow
Analyzing Growth Drivers & Business Risks
Led by
Kyle Peterdy
The Role of The FP&A Professional
Led by
Carl Seidman
Capital IQ Fundamentals
Led by
Tim Vipond
Financial Analysis Fundamentals
Led by
Scott Powell
Introduction to 3-Statement Modeling
Led by
Jeff Schmidt
Introduction to Business Valuation
Led by
Jeff Schmidt

Real-world Expertise from Industry Practitioners

The depth and quality of our applied training is rooted in the extensive industry experience of our instructors.
And their passion for professional training ensures you’ll grasp and retain every lesson.
Scott Powell
Chief Content Officer
Scott is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of CFI. Over the past 30 years, he has focused on designing and delivering learning solutions for clients in the financial services sector, particularly in the areas of commercial banking, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management.
Helen Wale
VP, Leadership Skills
Helen is an experienced Human Resources and Organizational Development professional holding a Certified Executive Coach designation. She is passionate about learning, supporting individuals to maximize their personal and professional skills through teaching, facilitating and individual coaching.
Kyle Peterdy
VP, Commercial Credit & Banking
Kyle’s background is in commercial banking, where he was responsible for originating and underwriting middle market credit transactions, as well as managing those client relationships.
Meeyeon Park
VP, Financial Planning & Wealth Management
Meeyeon brings over 10 years of experience in investment banking, portfolio management, and corporate finance, as well as being an advisor for impact-focused venture capital. Passionate about mentoring, she now applies her extensive industry expertise to drive CFI's Financial Planning and Wealth Management curriculum.
Sebastian Taylor
VP, Business Intelligence & Data Analysis
Seb started his career in risk management, managing the implementation and operations of quantitative energy hedging strategies. Having since worked in several different industries, from finance to retail and service, Seb’s business intelligence skills were developed within the realities of real-world business requirements.
Duncan McKeen
EVP, Financial Modeling
Duncan is fascinated with pedagogy and loves course creation and design. He is an effective communicator with extensive experience teaching financial modeling, accounting, analysis, and valuation. Prior to teaching, Duncan held senior equity research positions with top banks and brokerages.
Andrew Loo
VP, Capital Markets
Prior to joining CFI in 2019, Andrew retired in 2017 as Managing Director at Nomura Securities in Hong Kong, where he managed the fixed income sales efforts to Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds in the region. Prior to joining Nomura in 2011, he was the Head of Sales for Fixed Income, Commodity and Currencies for UBS AG in Hong Kong.
Joseph Yeates
Director, Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
Joseph is passionate about driving better decision-making by creating, curating, and communicating insights from data. A data enthusiast with a background in Retail Banking, he is an advocate for making advanced analytics more accessible to a wider audience by integrating them into business intelligence solutions.
Gabriel Lip
VP, Commercial Credit & Banking
Gabe obtained his CPA, CMA, from the CPA Alberta. He received both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Biochemistry from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Tim Vipond
Chair of the Board
Tim is the Chair of the Board of CFI Education. He has extensive experience as an internet entrepreneur, in financial analysis and investment banking. Beginning in 2005 Tim Vipond was an active participant in the capital markets with a wide range of experience spanning investment banking, investment management, and corporate development.
Jeff Schmidt
VP, Financial Modeling
Prior to joining CFI, for over a decade Jeff Schmidt taught financial modeling and valuation to thousands of students all over the world. Clients included some of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions, as well as many of the most prestigious universities in the world.
Ryan Spendelow
VP, Content
Ryan started his finance career based in London working in asset management. He then moved to a corporate finance and capital markets training role, with these roles being based in Europe and then Asia, before joining CFI in 2023.

Gain Recognition Through CFI Certifications

CFI certificate programs offer a clear pathway to develop job-relevant skills and establish professional credibility.
Certifications Specializations
Business Intelligence
Data Science
Digital Assets
Real Estate
Business Essentials
“The skills are actual real-world skills (unlike most financial qualifications) that have already helped me land a new role.”
Mark Wheeler
Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)®
Learn advanced financial modeling, earn industry-standard credentials, and stand out as a top valuation expert
4.9 (41,896 ratings)
“Helped me master business intelligence & data analytics without any technical background. Their course structure is easily laid out, and anyone from any educational background will understand.”
Bridget Bosha
Financial Controller
Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)®
Lead the data revolution: Build in-depth expertise with hands-on BI & data analysis courses & labs
4.9 (8,336 ratings)
“Helped me understand better some of the most important concepts in assessing a borrower. learned a lot about credit administration and documents necessary to complete the loan process.”
Kagiso Tumelo
Commercial Banking& Credit Analyst (CBCA)®
Advance your career with the essential knowledge and skills you'll gain from a commercial lending and banking certification
4.9 (23,966 ratings)
“CMSA certification explains the details pertaining to financial instruments, capital markets and portfolio management from the minutest level to full detail elaboration.”
Syed Jalali
Capital Markets &Securities Analyst (CMSA)®
Master Capital Markets knowledge and skills and stand out as a certified professional
4.9 (13,689 ratings)
“This program will show you how top financial planners and wealth advisors make informed decisions. Through a sequence of courses, you will learn the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a successful finance professional.”
Hugo Moreira
Financial Planning & Wealth Management (FPWM)™
Get certified online, master technical and soft skills, and stand out to clients–no prior experience necessary
4.9 (25,289 ratings)
“Excellent overall. The material covered was comprehensive and relevant to the current landscape of the FinTech Industry.”
Nadja Pyvovar
FinTech Industry Professional (FTIP)™
Master the emerging technologies driving the future of finance. Earn a FinTech certification, unlock new career opportunities, and increase your earning potential.
4.9 (16,244 ratings)
“CFI's ESG programme is a very useful tool towards mitigating contemporary challenges facing the business world.”
Johnny Marudu
Environment & Community Relations Manager
Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)
Become an Environmental, Social, & Governance specialist with valuable skills in investing, financial and corporate strategy, and more, and earn an in-demand ESG certificate upon completion.
4.9 (6,376 ratings)
“I appreciate the practical steps, the role play examples, and the downloadable tools that provide the structure to put the learning into practice.”
Jenna Richardson
Leadership Effectiveness
Get actionable frameworks that put people and performance first. This program builds crucial leadership skills for aspiring and senior leaders in finance.
5.0 (69 ratings)
“I can't describe how amazing this course is! I'll recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Excel so they can analyze data efficiently.”
Abdulrahman Alhemidda
Data Analysis in Excel Certificate
Be the Excel wizard everyone admires! Learn to manipulate and connect data, create and visualize insights from raw data, and leverage the latest Excel tools and add-ins to enhance your productivity.
4.9 (754 ratings)
“I love how organized this course is. The content is informative and easy to understand. I now have in-depth knowledge of BI after this course.”
Quynh Tran
Business Intelligence Analyst
Develop real-world analytics skills including creating and dashboarding insights for stakeholders, manipulating and connecting related data to supercharge your work, and using industry standard tools like Power BI, Tableau, and SQL.
4.9 (2,451 ratings)
“Provided in-depth knowledge on data science with clear explanations which is likely not found in any other course online.”
Phinehas Berko
Data Science Analyst
Gain practical experience with complex datasets and predictive machine learning models. Earn your Data Science certificate upon completion.
4.9 (1,131 ratings)
“Helped me understand step-by-step how the process works and how to calculate dollars into cryptocurrency, understanding the transaction processes, the terminology, and the pros and cons in real time.”
Angela Licata
Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Specialist
Prepare for the future of finance, lead about cryptocurrencies and blockchain through a practical lens, understand how to critically analyze digital assets, and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the fast-paced world of decentralized finance.
4.9 (136 ratings)
“My understanding of real estate financial modelling has been improved a lot. Easy to follow and includes great templates as well.”
Sigit Syahranie
Commercial Real Estate Finance Specialist
Enhance your skill set with a specialization in Commercial Real Estate Finance, covering everything from appraisals to financial models to mortgages, and earn a CREF Certificate upon completion.
4.9 (219 ratings)
“The course materials including videos and transcripts were structured in a way that made them easy to comprehend. And the course lecturer was fantastic!!! I give an A+.”
Mohammed Sherif
Business Essentials
Round out your skill set with CFI'S Business Essentials Bundle, covering everything from Excel, PowerPoint, and PitchBook to data visualization to corporate strategy, and earn a BE Certificate upon completion.
4.9 (13,212 ratings)
“The course is really well-thought-out. The summary shortcuts are also helpful to keep on hand.”
Stephen Moerane
Macabacus Specialist
Supercharge your Microsoft Office experience with Macabacus, a powerful add-on. Learn advanced tools and automation techniques to effortlessly create error-free and more professional financial models and presentations.
4.8 (25 ratings)

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CFI Customer Stories

Over 2 million professionals and thousands of firms globally trust CFI to enhance their skills and outcomes.
Provides a through coverage of all products in the Capital Markets universe with the ability to dig down further in need.
Ian Mackinnon
Director, GFI Group
The epitome of practical financial analysis and with it, you do not need years of practice to know the content.
Matthew Clark
Chief Research Analyst, Money & Markets
Self-learning online format worked well and allowed learning at my own pace. I wish I had taken this course years ago. Thoroughly recommended for anyone.
Dom Robinson
How MSH used CFI to Fuel 40% YoY growth
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How CFI’s training boosted financial modeling skills and organizational impact at YoungMinds UK
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I wish I had taken this training 10 years ago. After taking these courses, I feel more confident in analysing financial statements. I also feel like my models are more auditable and easier to follow.
Alyse Villarreal
Fiscal Officer
Axos Bank’s internship program revamp: Boosting skills and motivation With CFI
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I am recommending corporate finance institute for everyone who are financial professionals.
Ali Abdela A
ICT Directorate Director
The course content is very practical and closely resonates with the real-world work we do.
Ali I
Business & Treasury analyst
CFI has the best delivery mode of difficult topics in Finance.
Victor M
Laboratory Technician
SilverChef and CFI: A story of profitability
Sarh International uses CFI to give learners the experience they want and employers the skills they need.
Learn More
CFI has a large catalogue of courses that are well organized and thorough. Makes it easy for me to dive into multiple topics, instead of trying to piece together learning materials.
Jennifer Foster
Investment Banking Associate, Chatham Financial
Provides the BEST educational experience. Even though I don't come from or work directly in Finance, I feel the overall learning through CFI turned out to be a great asset for me.
Geetansh Kakkar
Revenue Operations Manager, Athennian
Helped me grow in my career and added immense value to my CV. I have a much better understanding of the fundamentals and practical knowledge.
Rahul Dhawan
Associate Director, FIS
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