Credit Analyst Intern

An individual tasked with helping a credit analyst in the performance of his duties

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What is a Credit Analyst Intern?

A credit analyst intern is often responsible for collecting financial and personal information needed by a credit analyst to determine the creditworthiness of a borrowing company or individual.

Credit Analyst Intern

As with any job, an intern is an individual who begins working under someone with a position that they hope to do one day. Interns gain the experience and behind-the-scenes information of the position without necessarily being tasked with all of the responsibilities that such a position comes with.

Internships are a great way for individuals to obtain the knowledge needed to pursue employment in a given field. To better understand what credit analyst interns do, let’s first discuss what a credit analyst is.


  • Credit analysts are responsible for determining how creditworthy an individual or company is.
  • Information on applicants (which includes all pertinent financial and personal data) must be collected and reviewed; credit analyst interns are often given the task of collecting all the information, then turning it over to the credit analyst.
  • Credit analyst internships are important because they give the interns an inside look at and experience with the responsibilities of being an analyst, making it easier for the interns to obtain a position once the internship is over.

What are Credit Analysts?

Credit analysts are responsible for determining how creditworthy an individual is. Such analysts are typically employed by banks, lenders, and other financial institutions where an individual may apply for a loan or a line of credit.

Credit analysts must compile a lot of financial and personal data on an applicant – through the applicant, through financial institutions that have supplied the applicant with credit, and through the applicant’s employer. An applicant may be an individual, but it may also be a corporation or company. The information that the credit analyst must review includes:

The information must be collected, reviewed, and analyzed whether the applicant is an individual or a company.

What Do Credit Analyst Interns Do?

Credit analyst interns – who may be paid or may simply work for the benefits of learning and the potential for future employment – are ideal to employ within companies, especially when it comes to credit analysis firms.

As mentioned above, credit analysts must do an incredible amount of research into an applicant, as well as collect a lot of data on said applicants. Credit analyst interns, then, are often responsible for doing the “grunt” work – getting in touch with applicants and the institutions that hold critical financial and personal data about the applicants. After making phone calls, gathering data, and transcribing it via a computer or on paper, the intern will then turn the information over to the credit analyst for review and analysis.

Interns are usually included in the analysis process so that they can learn the tips and tools needed to fulfill the role of a credit analyst. It makes the intern more qualified for and ready to take on a position as a credit analyst once the internship is completed.

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