Dean’s List on Resume

Dean's List should be included next to your Grade Point Average (GPA)

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Should You Put Dean’s List on Resume?

Dean’s list on resume should be included next to your Grade Point Average (GPA). There is some debate over whether it should be included or not. Some professionals consider it redundant, unnecessary resume-padding. This guide will show you how to put the dean’s list on your resume and weigh the pros and cons of including it. CFI’s recommendation is to include it if you achieved it all semesters (to demonstrate academic consistency). Otherwise, exclude it.

Dean’s List on Resume

Pros of Adding Dean’s List

There are many advantages of including this honor in your job application.

Benefits of including dean’s list on resume:

  • Demonstrates strong academic performance
  • Shows a consistent level of performance if achieved all semesters
  • Adds another credential and honor to your resume
  • Depending on the school or employer, it may be extra valuable if the GPA requirement for Dean’s List is especially high
  • Adds more detail to your resume

Cons of Adding Dean’s List on Resume

It may surprise you but there can actually be some disadvantages of including the dean’s list honor in your application (although they are very minor).

Potential disadvantages:

  • It may be considered redundant since your GPA is listed right next to it.
  • If it’s not clear what the criteria are for making the list, that makes it less meaningful.
  • It can add clutter to your resume.
  • If you achieved it some semesters but not others, then it may appear to indicate inconsistency.

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Example of How to Include It

Here is an example of how to include it on your resume.

Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Economics, Minor in History

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0; Dean’s List all semesters
  • Varsity Sport – starter on the varsity sports team all four years; 20+ hours per week
  • President, Student Club – responsible for managing all aspects of a student-run club
  • Study Abroad – Exchange in a foreign country

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Image: CFI’s investment banking resume template.

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