Should You Put Your Minor on Your Resume?

A minor should be listed after the major on the resume

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How to List a Minor on a Resume

A minor should be listed on your resume after the major, either on the same line or one line below your major. The key is to ensure clean formatting and easy readability. This guide will provide you with a detailed breakdown of how to list your minor on a resume.

How to List Minor on Resume

Example of How to Put Minor on Resume

Below is an example of how to put your minor on resume. As you can see in the screenshot below, the person has included the name of their university, the date of graduation, major, minor, GPA, and relevant coursework.

Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Economics, Minor in History

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0
  • Varsity Sports – starter on the soccer team all four years
  • President, Finance Club – responsible for building financial models
  • Study Abroad – Learned a language in a foreign country

How to List Degree on Resume, with Minor on Resume

Let’s recap how to list a degree on your resume, including minor on resume. Below is a list of all the information you need to include when you list education on your resume.

Key information:

  • University or college name
  • Degree
  • Year and month of graduation
  • Major (and double major if applicable)
  • Minor (if applicable)
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Relevant courses
  • Relevant activities

How to List Degree on Resume - Example

Image from CFI’s Free Resume Template.

Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing your job application:

  • Use spellcheck and proofread it several times
  • Ask a friend or colleague to read over it and get their feedback
  • Keep formatting clean, organized, and professional
  • Use the same font and styling throughout
  • Provide enough detail about your education, but don’t overdo it or embellish
  • Always tailor the information to match the specific job opportunity

More Resources

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