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ENFJ Careers

The best jobs for ENFJ individuals

What are ENFJ Careers?

Choosing the right career for most people is usually a daunting task, especially if they do not know their personality. Selecting among available ENFJ careers can become easier by taking the Myers-Briggs test. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator can help people discover their personality and combination of characteristics that can help them find their dream career.

By knowing his/her specific personality type, an individual can narrow down to a career path that is both enjoyable and rewarding. People with ENFJ personality prefer looking for ENFJ careers that give them an opportunity to help other people. They show a genuine interest in helping people in need and are known to be friendly, considerate, organized, empathetic and supportive.


ENFJ Careers


Characteristics of ENFJs

One of the characteristics of ENFJs is that they are less inclined to joy hop than INFJs. If they find a career that they love, ENFJs tend to stick with it for a long time as they enjoy the interaction with their colleagues at the workplace. Due to their love for people and social intelligence, they are good at networking, and they quickly develop networks of friends and acquaintances both in the workplace and social gatherings. ENFJs are also good at reading people, assessing their emotions, expressions and body language, and they make them ideal candidates for education, sales, counseling, and public relations.


Best ENFJ Careers

The following are examples of ENFJ careers that are best suited for ENFJ men and women:



ENFJs love helping people and the education sector gives them an opportunity to do what they love doing best. As teachers and lecturers, ENFJs can offer guidance to students and guide them towards becoming professionals and responsible adults by equipping them with the necessary skills. They take a genuine interest in people and can voluntarily guide weak students towards improved performance. In the case of special education, the teacher works with physically-challenged students and equips them with skills that will help them discover their talents and skills that will shape their future careers.


Community and Social Work

ENFJs like to be involved in the community and help those people who are in need. The ideal careers in this sector include health educators, counselors, social workers, career counselors and marriage therapists. Their ability to read other people’s feelings and emotions gives them an advantage in this field because they can understand other people’s feelings and advise them accordingly. ENFJs are sociable, and they can pick up a conversation with strangers and convince them to share their emotions with them.


Business, Management, and Sales

For a business to thrive, the people tasked with dealing with the customers, employees and other stakeholders must be able to interact with other stakeholders. The ideal candidate for this role would be a person with ENFJ personality. The person would best serve in the position of a sales personnel or manager and the human resource team.

As a sales personnel or manager, a person must have excellent people’s skills and be able to read the emotions of potential customers. If customers express any concerns, they can solve these problems quickly and amicably. As the human resource manager or member of the human resource team, a person needs to have excellent negotiation skills to deal with labor relations and administer labor contracts. ENFJs have the agility to keep the business organized and running efficiently by using their long-term views and people skills.



The media sector requires people who are creative, imaginative and organized to develop new stories and keep their audience informed. ENFJs make good journalists and editors for media companies due to their creativity and hunger for new challenges. They can help the company by planning and reviewing content before they are released to the public. ENFJs are good in delegating duties and managing team members, and they would make sure that everything runs smoothly as long as they are tasked with that responsibility. Also, they would scrutinize all the stories coming in to make sure that they are based on truth and honesty.



The work of attorneys is to help people get justice for a fee. ENFJs would derive satisfaction by working in the legal profession since they will be assisting people to get justice while getting paid for it. Also, ENFJs can offer a helping hand to people in conflict to help them find an amicable solution for both parties before the conflict escalates to unmanageable levels. Apart from working as attorneys, ENFJs can also work as mediators and arbitrators in international justice institutions.



People working in the healthcare sector spend a lot of time in hospitals attending to people in need. ENFJs can work in this industry as doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists, gynecologist, dentist, optician, and pathologist, among other roles. All these roles involve assessing patients to identify their ailments and finding a suitable treatment for them. The sector requires people who are passionate about helping people due to the strenuous and demanding schedules, and ENFJs fit this description.


Finance and Accounting

Even though finance and accounting are thought of as very analytical roles, there are opportunities for ENFJ personality types, espeically in leadership roles helping to manage a team of people. To get a sense of the techincal skillset required, check out CFI’s free accounting courses as well as CFI’s free finance courses and see if a people-related postion in the industry could be a fit.


INFJ vs. ENFJ Personality Types

Both INFJ and ENFJ personality types are some of the rarest personality types out of the 16 recognized personality types. ENFJs are warm, charismatic, persuasive and talkative, and their objective is to change or influence the world through their influence with people. Their dominant function is Extraverted feeling, meaning that they are quick to judge and, in most cases, sacrifice accuracy for speed. On the other hand, INFJs tend to grow up feeling wiser and can be seen advising the friends and colleagues. However, most INFJs grow up feeling like aliens in the world and are likely to experience the world and their bodies differently.

Due to the difference in characters between INFJs and ENFJs, the latter may criticize the former for the delay in reacting to something. Unlike ENFJs, INFJs are less proactive when it comes to making judgments, and people may dismiss them as being too emotional. INFJs are less concerned by their happiness than what is happening to the world around them.


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