Bloomberg Functions

Below is a cheat sheet list of the most common and important Bloomberg shortcuts and functions.

Bloomberg functions

To be more productive, faster, and more efficient when performing financial analysis or research it’s important to be proficient at using the Bloomberg Terminal.

Whether you work in investment banking, equity research, or other areas of the capital markets you’ll have to learn how to use the Bloomberg Terminal for grabbing historical financial information about a company, share prices, transactions, bonds / fixed income information and much more.

Here we have complied a list of what we believe are the most common and important functions, keystrokes and shortcuts to know on the Bloomberg Terminal inside out.  Bloomberg master is key to becoming a financial analyst.

List of Bloomberg functions


Shortcut: N <Go>

TOP & TOPCA  Top News Stories

NI  Single News Item Search

NI CNS & NI USS  Canadian & U.S. Stock Markets

NI MNA  Mergers/Acquisitions

TNI  Two News  Item Search

TNI US OPN  Opening Market Commentary

TNI US INSIGHT  Economic Insight

TNI US COS  Corporate News

BBEA  Earnings Up & Downgrades

Broad market screens

Shortcut: WEI <Go>

Economic  Landscape

WEI & WPE  World Equity Indices & World PIE ECO CA  Canadian (& U.S.) Economic Releases

ECST  Economic Statistics by country

IMOV  Index & Industry Group Movers

MA  Merger /Acquisition Database

WFX & FXC  Cross Currency Rate Monitors RATC  Rating Revisions Monitor

Interest Rates & the Bond Market BTMM&USSW  Treasury I Swaps Monitor pages

BBT  U.S. Treasury Pricing (Executable)

AGCY  Active  Agency Monitor

WB & WS  World  Bond I Swaps Monitors

MMR  Money  Market/Libor  Rates

SRCH  Corp/Govt/Conve rt. Bond Search YCRV  All  Yield  Curves –  Treas/Muni/Corp PICK  Muni  Bond Offerings

Market Performance/Screening Tools

IBQ  Industry Research

MOST  Most active, up, down stocks Equity Search/Filter

FPC  Mutual  Fund  Ranked Returns

ECDR  IPO Calendar

PDF  Default  settings:  graphs, news, messages

Company screens


Shortcut: DES <Go>

Descriptive data & news

DES  Corporate Description

MGMT  Executives & Board Directors

CN  Company News

ISSD  Financial Overview

CNAV  News stories you can listen to

RELS  Related Securities

Fundamentals & Earnings

FA   Company Fundamentals

DVD  Dividends, Stock splits

ERN  Earnings Summary

EE  Earnings Estimates

GE  Historical PIE Graph

EM  Estimates  Matrix

ANR  Analyst Recommendations

PHDC  Institutional & Insider Holders

CRPR  Credit Ratings

CACS  Corporate Action Calendar

CF  Corp Filings – SEDAR/EDGAR

Today’s Markets

GIP  Intraday Price Graph – up to 20 days

QR  Time/Sales  (Quote Recap)

BQ  Customizable  Company  Overview

BAS  Broker Activity Summary

AQR  Average Quote Recap

YAP  Volume At Price

TSM  Trade Summary Matrix

OMON  Customizable Option Monitor

Comparative & Historical Analysis

RV  Competitor  Relative Value

COMP  Comparative Total Return

TRA  Total  Return  for 1 Security

GP, GPO, HP  Historical Graphs/Table

SI  Short Interest

G   Custom Technical Charts

HMSM  Historical 4 in 1 graph

Index Analysis (S&P 500 example)

SPX <Index> TRAY  Total Return

SPX <Index> MOY  Index Movers

SPX <Index> MRR  Member Returns

SPX <Index> MBRS  Member Weights