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What is SEDAR?

SEDAR is a searchable database for public company financial statements, annual reports, and other documents in Canada. SEDAR stands for: System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval.  It is a required filing system for all publicly listed Canadian companies.

Link to the website -> http://www.sedar.com/homepage_en.htm

What documents can be found on SEDAR?

Below is a list of the main documents that can be found on the database portal:

  • Annual Information Form
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Statement of Payments
  • Code of Conduct
  • Directors’ Circular
  • Disclosure Document
  • Early Warning Report
  • Financial Statements
  • Fund Facts / Fund Summary
  • Issuer Bid Circular
  • Listing Application
  • Management’s Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
  • Marketing Material
  • Material Change Report
  • News Releases
  • NI 43-101 Notice
  • Notice of the Meeting and Record Date
  • Noice of Use of Proceeds
  • Offering Document
  • Offering Material
  • Offering Memorandum
  • OTC Issuer Filings
  • Prospectus
  • Proxy Circular
  • Proxy Solicitation
  • Real Estate Offering Document
  • Report of Exempt Distribution
  • Statement of Executive Compensation
  • Take-over Bid Circular
  • Technical Report NI 43-101

Which companies are included?

The database includes public company filings for all publicly listed companies on any Canadian exchange, as well as all mutual funds.

There is a search function and an alphabetical listing to search for specific companies.  In total, there are hundreds of companies included.

How to analyze financial statements?

Once you have looked up a company on the Canadian SEDAR system, it’s time to start performing some analysis of financial statements.

CFI has published many guides on the topics of valuation, financial modeling, and how to be a great financial analyst.

To learn more, browse our online courses on:

Additional resources for public company analysis

This overview of the SEDAR system in Canada for public company filing systems is just the first step towards understanding how to read, analyze, and interpret financial statements.  Once you know where to get the information, and you have the tools to analyze (courses listed above), then it’s time to practice.

Follow these steps to practice financial analysis on your own:

  1. Visit SEDAR and download a company’s financial statements
  2. Input the numbers into Excel
  3. Perform a detailed analysis
  4. Build a financial model
  5. Make educated investment decisions

SEDAR source for financial analysis

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