LTM Revenue Template

LTM Revenue Template

This LTM revenue template demonstrates the calculation of last-twelve-month revenue.

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LTM stands for “Last Twelve Months” and is similar in meaning to TTM, or “Trailing Twelve Months.” LTM Revenue is a popular term used in the world of finance as a measurement of a company’s financial health. It reports or calculates the financial figures for the “past 12 months.” LTM or TTM Revenue shows a company’s performance in the past year rather than just seeing the quarterly figures and adjusting it for the full year.

It is possible that a certain quarterly period may be good or bad because of several factors, such as seasonal impact, labor problems, high sales during the festive season, etc. So LTM figures are used to average out the effects so proper conclusions can be reached.

balance sheet is never affected by this calculation, as a balance sheet is prepared on a certain date and at a single point of time, regardless of the events throughout the year.

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