Year to Date (YTD) Template

Year to Date (YTD) Template

This Year to Date (YTD) template will guide you on how to calculate the year to date return on a portfolio or a stock for different end dates.

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Year to Date (YTD) Template Screenshot

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What is Year to Date (YTD)?

Year to Date (YTD) refers to the period from the beginning of the current year to a specified date before the yearend. In other words, year to date is based on the number of days from the beginning of the calendar year (or fiscal year) up until a specified date. It is commonly used in accounting and finance for financial reporting purposes.

The YTD formula can be applied to any situation in which an individual wants to measure the change in value from the beginning of the year to a specified date. For example, instead of calculating the YTD on a portfolio, the formula can be used to calculate the YTD on sales figures, company costs, earnings, stock returns, bond returns, etc.

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