Commercial Credit Analyst Salary

How much does a commercial credit analyst earn?

What is the Commercial Credit Analyst Salary?

The commercial credit analyst salary depends on several factors. They include educational background, certifications earned, skills, and number of years of work experience. If you want to become a commercial credit analyst, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related field such as accounting. You also need a minimum of five years of work experience. After being a commercial credit analyst, one option is to work as a financial analyst or a senior credit analyst.


Commercial Credit Analyst Salary


As of mid-2019, the average salary for commercial credit analysts is around $55,400, according to PayScale. Commercial credit analysts gather and evaluate credit information for business borrowers. They analyze loan requests and give recommendations for risk ratings. They are also in charge of comparing the financial strengths of a company against similar companies in the same industry.


Commercial Credit Analyst Salaries in US Cities


San Francisco, CA$60,304
Washington, DC$53,235
Miami, FL$46,650
Chicago, IL$50,981
Boston, MA$54,441
New York, NY$57,911
Dallas, TX$47,540
Denver, CO$66,051
Phoenix, AR$66,066
Charlotte, NC$61,445


Popular Employer Salaries for Commercial Credit Analysts


Bank of America Corp.$62,000
U.S. Bank$74,000
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.$64,000
TD Bank, N.A.$56,000
Regions Bank$53,000
Capital One Financial Corp.$63,000
Customers Bank$55,000


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