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What are the Benefits of E-learning?

E-learning is a form of educational technology that facilitates learning and development via online courses and content.  Unlike traditional forms of classroom education, e-learning is always available, highly adaptable to each student’s level of current knowledge, and significantly more cost-effective. The nature of e-learning allows students to move at their own pace, thus making it more likely that they will master the course material.

At CFI we believe the e-learning and m-learning revolution is just getting started.  As people gradually move away from the traditional forms of learning, massive student debt can be eliminated, and both the breadth and depth of education can be significantly improved. Our full suite of courses spans a wide range of finance topics and business courses.


What Type of E-learning Does CFI Provide?

CFI uses an advanced Learning Management System, commonly referred to as an LMS, that creates a game-changing learning environment for students. The LMS platform allows for easy navigation within courses, tracks your progress, grades quizzes, and automatically issues certificates upon successful completion of the course.

Furthermore, our courses are supported by a slew of free articles. These articles are accessible to anyone, even if they are not taking a CFI course. Naturally, however, the greatest use of these articles is to supplement the practical skills learned in the courses. The articles are a great place to start, as they are often interconnected to each other.

What Types of E-learning Plans Does CFI Offer?

CFI offers both individual and corporate/business learning plans.

For information on our individual student plans, please visit our full course catalog, and for the most value, be sure to check out our full access bundle.

For information on our corporate or business plans, please visit our corporate pricing.

Additional Resources

Thank you for reading this guide to the benefits of online education. To continue advancing your career as a financial analyst or other financial services professional, these additional CFI resources are helpful:

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