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About Financial Modeling Excel Add-In

When building financial models, it may be helpful to use an Excel Add-In that can help speed up your modeling. Examples of how an add-in can help are with creating custom shortcuts for formatting, formulas, custom functions, auditing, and more. While they may help, they are not necessary, and CFI courses teach you how to model using only the native Excel software.

An Excel add-in is a software that gives new features to Excel, enabling professionals who are into financial modeling to save time, minimize errors and avoid repetitive work. They are created by third parties to complement the existing functions of Excel.

Many don’t realize that Excel add-ins provide a whole new level of speed and convenience. A quick search online and you’ll see that there are so many Excel add-ins to choose from. Some are a time-saver when analyzing data, while others increase productivity and help manage tasks more efficiently.


Financial Modeling Excel Add-in

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Example Excel Model

Below is a screenshot from one of CFI’s online analyst training and certification courses, offered 100% online.

To learn How to Build an Excel Model step-by-step, click on the image below.

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