Cohort Analysis Template

Cohort Analysis Template

This cohort analysis template is a useful tool for customer behavior analysis using a large data set.

Below is a screenshot of the cohort analysis template:

Cohort Analysis Template Screenshot


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Cohort Analysis Template

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Cohort Analysis is a form of behavioral analytics that takes data from a given subset like a SaaS business, game, or e-commerce platform, and groups them into related groups rather than looking at the data as one unit. The groupings are referred to as cohorts, and they share similar characteristics such as time and size.

Companies use cohort analysis to analyze customer behavior across the life cycle of each customer. In the absence of cohort analysis, businesses may experience difficulties in understanding the life cycle that each customer goes through over a given timeframe. Businesses use cohort analysis to understand the trends and patterns of customers over time and to tailor their offers of products and services to the identified cohorts.


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