Computer-aided education and training

What is EdTech?

EdTech is short for “education technology.” It uses computers, computer programs, and educational systems to provide learning and training to students and employees.




The broad field of EdTech encompasses not only the hardware and software programs used in what is commonly known as “remote learning,” “distance learning,” or “online education,” but also theories of learning and increasing research into what are the most effective means of teaching people new knowledge and skills.

CFI is one of the pioneer firms in EdTech, providing training and certification for professionals and aspiring professionals throughout the financial services industry worldwide.



  • EdTech – Educational Technology – comprises the whole world of computer-aided education and training.
  • The growth and use of online learning continue to expand rapidly due to the many advantages that it offers to both teachers and students.
  • CFI is a worldwide leader in online learning, training, and certification for financial professionals.


The Growth of EdTech

EdTech’s been around longer than most people think. Computer-aided learning is simply a natural development arising from improved technology. In the mid-twentieth century, schools and training centers were already using available technology, such as copy machines and media learning through training films.

As early as the 1960s, educational institutions were conducting trials and experiments that involved using computers to help teach students math and spelling. Online courses sprang up soon after the advent of internet connections, and it is estimated that by 2010, there were nearly six million students taking courses online in the U.S. alone.

The United Kingdom’s Open University and Canada’s University of British Columbia were early innovators in making online education interactive, enabling direct communication for teaching and discussion between teachers and students, and between students and other students.

The development of multimedia sources and better video conferencing computer programs makes EdTech both more accessible and more effective. The industry now includes such innovations as EdTech “robots” that students can use to take notes and blockchain tools that educators can access to grade student work.


Advantages Offered by EdTech

Educational technology offers numerous significant advantages. Educators believe that different students learn at different paces and learn best in diverse ways.

For example, while some students learn information best from reading, others benefit more from audio-visual presentations of information. EdTech offers students the flexibility to access learning from the sources they find most helpful and effective.

A major benefit hailed by online learning students is that of being able to access teaching and training at their own individual pace and time. The flexibility to access online learning at whatever time is most convenient for the student makes education and ongoing professional training much more available to all types of people, in all types of situations.

It is particularly helpful to people with a full-time job and, therefore, would find it extremely difficult to attend regular courses at a university.

An obvious and substantial benefit of EdTech is the massive potential cost savings in education. Online e-learning can be provided at a fraction of the cost of attending a major university or even a small community college.

The reduced cost of online learning makes obtaining a degree or additional professional certification much more affordable for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and skills.


One Concern

While EdTech offers many obvious benefits, there is one major concern regarding its use for young children. Many educational theorists, psychologists, and sociologists fear that students learning solely online will suffer from a failure to develop social skills that come only from interacting in person with other people.

For that reason, educators caution that parents of children using distance learning should be careful to arrange regular social interactions with other children through several avenues, such as sports activities and field trips.

Of course, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtually everyone is suffering from an absence of ordinary social interactions.


CFI – A Leader in the EdTech Industry

CFI’s long been an innovator and leader in online learning – the number one provider of financial analyst certification training for students in more than 150 countries.

The company provides informational material, courses, training, and professional certification in financial analysis, financial modeling, risk management, and credit analysis, just to name a few of the areas covered.

CFI’s top-notch online learning makes it the educational company of choice for many of the largest and most prestigious firms in the financial services world.


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