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A Chicago, Illinois-based investment bank

About Caber Hill Advisors

Caber Hill Advisors is an investment bank that is based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm was founded by Craig Castelli in 2014. Before its establishment, large investment banks did not typically support and serve small and middle-market companies. Therefore, to bridge the gap in the market, Castelli launched Caber Hill Advisors to provide qualified and experienced advisory services to the neglected market segment.

Caber Hill Advisors

The investment bank offers frictionless buying, selling, and growth to its client companies using a solid team of advisors and experts with prior experiences in the market. Most of Caber Hill’s employees either previously owned a business, invested in small companies, or grew in a family business. With that background, the company has a firm understanding of the challenges facing its clients.

Services Offered by Caber Hill Advisors

Since the firm serves small and middle-market companies that want to either acquire or sell their businesses, Caber Hill Advisors uses systems that allow it to deliver standardized service. It makes use of innovative approaches that combine the best elements of the local business brokerage community and large investment banks. It enables the firm to offer results-oriented market analysis to small businesses. This is a reliable approach to making sure they achieve their desired results in providing selling and buying of companies, business development, valuation services, and business exit strategies. Below is an in-depth discussion of the different services.

Selling a business

The sell-side advisory is the primary service offered by Caber Hill. Here is the firm’s step-by-step guide to selling a business:

  • Business valuation – The firm’s first step in selling a business is business valuation. It conducts an analysis of the company, market conditions, buyer landscape, and then presents multiple scenarios to ensure prices don’t vary based on the deal structure and type of buyer.
  • Objective alignment – Once they value the business, their next step is to work with their clients to align expectations, e.g., if the clients want to sell the company for retirement, sell a segment of the business, etc.
  • Preparation of the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) document – After synchronization of the client’s objective, the next stage is to create extensive presentational material for use in marketing the business and engaging interested buyers. This often involves the preparation of a 25-plus page document known as Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). In summation, it contains all the information a buyer may need to know regarding the company for sale.
  • A proactive approach to marketing the business – The immediate action is engaging potential buyers through all possible marketing channel contacts within their network, local advertising, a national publication, social media, and “business for sale” listing services.
  • Prequalifying buyers – All interested buyers are carefully pre-qualified through a screening system to make sure that they meet the valuation expectations. Likewise, they sign a strict confidentiality agreement to preserve seller privacy.
  • Auctioning – Once they identify all interested buyers, an auctioning process begins with the aim of generating multiple offers and maximizing the value of each offer received.
  • Legalities – When a desirable offer is received, Caber Hill Advisors works alongside its client, accountants, and attorneys to move the deal through closing legally.

Buying a business

As buy-side advisers, Caber Hill partners with owners and management to define the optimal merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy, identify the most logical targets, manage due diligence, and execute transactions.


For any business to thrive, planning is required to determine the current business value. Therefore, Caber Hill offers the most objective and most comprehensive business valuation in the industry. It provides business owners with the most accurate assessment of their company’s fair-market value so that they can decide on their next logical business move.

Business development

Caber Hill provides solution-driven development services that help companies to grow their business and expand into new business segments and locations.

  • Exit strategy – Caber Hill advises businesses on how to exit the market by carrying out extensive analysis and planning. To help businesses, it focuses on three exit strategies – sell-ability, timing the sale, and the impact on the owner’s personal life. Thus, the three strategies guarantee business owners that they’ll get the best deal out of their sale and plan for a greener future after the sale.

A Case Study From a Caber Hill Advisors Client

A medical device distributor was about to miss its quota for the second year in a row, and the owner risked losing the distributorship. In the dilemma, the distributor approached Caber Hill Advisors for advisory services. The investment bank analyzed the client’s business model before coming up with ways to revamp the business.

The results showed that the problem was directly linked to the sales team structure and incentives scheme. The firm worked alongside the senior management team to realign territories and introduce a new performance-based compensation plan. After the re-alignment, the distributor started seeing double-digit growth every year.

Top Management of Caber Hill Advisors

  • Craig Castelli  He is the founder and CEO of Caber Hill Advisors.
  • David Ogurek – He joined Caber Hill Advisors in May 2014 as its vice president. His primary responsibilities include financial analysis, preparation of client presentation materials, including confidential information memorandums, market research, and business development.
  • Peter Holton – He is the managing director. He lists over 20 years of experience in sales, operations, and mergers and acquisitions within the facility service industry.
  • Scott Myatt – He joined Caber Hill Advisors in 2017 as the managing director of the firm’s healthcare team. He is tasked with leading M&A activities in the audiology and hearing aid industry.
  • Chelsea Diles Treseder – She joined in 2014 as the director of business development. Her responsibilities include client engagement, with a specific focus on healthcare practices and medical device companies.
  • Robert Kemp – He joined in 2017 as an analyst after working with the company as an intern in 2016. Some of his responsibilities include financial due diligence, preparing industry reports, and market research.

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