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About Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates

Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates was founded by Carmen Bianchi in 1995 to help family businesses with consultancy services. However, before focusing entirely on the venture, Carmen Bianchi started working as a family business consultant in 1991. The company is a leading provider of family and family-held business consulting services such as conflict resolution, entry and exit strategy, family business governance, family councils, and family creed.

Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates

Carmen Bianchi Services in Details

Carmen Bianchi Business Associates provides the following services:

Conflict Resolution Services

Working in a family business may sometimes be hectic because some business members may want more favors than others. Such scenarios often result in complications such as deterioration of the relationship between family members and even employees, thereby hurting the business performance. To prevent such cases, Carmen Bianchi came up with conflict resolution strategies to ensure coherence toward working in a shared mission, vision, and goals.

Though the company’s resolution strategies are not that new in the market, they provide a platform to ensure that family members work for their mutual benefits. Carmen Bianchi uses a formula known as DESC, which is an acronym for “Describe, Express, Specify, and Consequences.”

Entry and Exit Services

Starting or selling a family business may be a difficult process for family members. They may be reluctant to sell the business to their main business rivals, employees, or even the general public. As a result, some may decide to liquidate the enterprise or run down the business. Either way, it’s not a logical decision.

To ensure that family business owners do not make such decisions, especially under coercion (under issues like retirement, or the need to provide a family member with equity, or a job opportunity, or merely perpetuating the business into the future), Carmen Bianchi provides consulting services to remedy the situation. It expresses a genuine desire to help, given its accumulated years of experience, to enable family business owners to plan their entry and exit strategies.

Also, the company helps the next leader ascend into the demanding task by guiding them through solving pressing issues such as family policies, legalities and taxation, and strategic management.

Family Business Governance

When it comes to business governance – matters relating to judicious management and leadership – family business owners may face overwhelming challenges. As a result, they may fail to create specific values, sensible yet straightforward policies, and even dependable teams around their businesses. Carmen Bianchi offers developed systems and programs to foster actionable governance, both at the informal level and by creating formal structures. Therefore, for results-oriented management, they help in creating an environment that harmonizes three core groups in family businesses – the family, the business, and the overall ownership group.


Family Council

Family businesses often follow wrong notions about running internal affairs. They frequently solve their internal issues by either avoiding them or cautiously discussing them behind the scenes. The two instances and many others are signs of a weak stance in family business management, and it affects how family members relate to one another.

Therefore, to help in solving such matters, Carmen Bianchi created a strategic system for addressing family business management known as a Family Council. The council helps in easing the tension within a complex family. It is through the council that family business owners can set organizational and strategic planning systems built around sound business values, actionable policies, and clear directions for successful management.

Family Creed

A Family Creed, according to Carmen Bianchi, is a map that guides the family business owners on their whys, whats, whos, and hows. It simply draws the business success story path by outlining all its mission, vision, goals, and what the family is working hard for – answering the big question, “WHY?”.

Also, from the family business point of view, it’s a source of clarity and commitment that can be used to solve lots of misunderstandings that may arise while running the business. And in a more precise manner, it can be used in the realignment and reference of the business affairs both in the business governance and the Family Council.

A typical family-business creed may include the following sections:

  • Leadership
  • Succession and exit policies
  • Business strategy, objectives, and values
  • Management structures
  • Rights, responsibilities, and obligations of family appointments, among others

Management Team and Associates

Carmen Bianchi

Besides being the founder and president of Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates, she also founded San Diego University’s EMC Business Forum. She was also the president of the Family Firm Institute from 2007 to 2009. In 2013, she chaired one of the most respectable global conferences known as the Global Conference of FFI. Her years of commitment and extensive experience are driving other family businesses to succeed.

Margaret Fischer

Fischer lectures for government agencies. She counts on over 25 years of experience in areas such as business valuation, financial analysis, planning, and strategic management. Her resourcefulness in helping family businesses succeed is a major asset to Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates.

Sheldon Derezin

In the field of financial management, Derezin is an expert with over 20 years of experience. As a senior associate in Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates, he provides outstanding consulting services related to litigation and financial advisory.

Laurent Roux

Roux steers the wheel towards strategic wealth management. His more than three decades of experience provides him with the skills and expertise to help other family businesses move in the right direction. He works with families and family offices globally.

Carolyn E. Kling

When it comes to litigation issues across matters relating to financial institutions, family businesses, and family offices, Kling is the person to consult. With her over 25 years in and out of judicial courts, she is an asset toward solving litigation dilemmas facing many family businesses today.

Seth McCutcheon

McCutcheon helps family businesses formulate strategies that translate into tangible performance. He has over 25 years of experience in planning, business consulting, business coaching, leadership, and organizational development. He guides family businesses to get measurable results and more for less.

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