A web-based stock research platform for value and fundamentals investors

What is Finbox?

Finbox is a web-based stock market research platform that offers investors and traders enterprise-quality data and insights for 100,000 stocks on 135+ exchanges around the world. Finbox licenses data directly from S&P Global Market Intelligence, the gold standard in fundamentals and forecast data. 


The platform offers free and premium tools that investors can use to generate in-depth financial analysis at a fraction of the cost. 

Features of Finbox

The following are the main features of Finbox:

1. Global Stock Screener

A stock screener allows users to sort/filter stocks using fundamental, descriptive, or technical indicators. Users can input various indicators and identify the stocks that fit their criteria. Users exercise total control over their scans, and registered users can opt to save results for later use. Finbox’s stock screener feature is available to all types of users.

What makes the Finbox stock screener different is its focus on fundamentals and value investing. With more than 1,000 metrics supported, investors can dig deeper into companies’ financial statements and pick the best investment opportunities. Furthermore, Finbox’s users can create custom metrics with the Excel add-In by exporting results to a spreadsheet.

2.  Fundamental Charts Editor

Finbox’s charting engines allow you to visualize time-series and fundamentals data for multiple companies quickly. You can create powerful and comprehensive visuals for more than 1,000+ metrics and 100,000+ stocks around the world.

For example, you can easily evaluate if a stock is too expensive by comparing its valuation metric to the past and visualize trends easily. Below is an example:

Fundamental Charts Editor

3. Model Portfolios and Gurus Monitor

With Finbox Top Investment Ideas Monitor, you can sneak a peek into hundreds of portfolios from investors like Warren Buffet, Bill Ackman, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Carl Icahn, and more. 

That’s because companies with over $100 million in assets under management are required to disclose holdings in a company through a regulatory filing called the Form 13F. Finbox regularly checks and analyzes the filings and makes them available on the website.

4. Finbox Fair Value Card

The Finbox Fair Value Card is an advanced financial modeling technology that uses eleven different models to estimate the fair value of a stock and lets you get a company’s fair value at your fingertips. All the models are based on the same data utilized by the biggest investment banks and money managers in the world.

Finbox Fair Value Card

Finbox Pricing Options

Investors can choose among three main Finbox pricing options, depending on the tools and features that they want to use. The pricing options include:

1. Free

The free option offers all the platform features and tools with a limited number of whitelisted metrics. Free users can also access the financial model templates library. To access more advanced features, users must choose one of the two other options.

2. Starter Plan

The basic Starter plan gives you access to all the tools on the website for stocks listed on one of the U.S. exchanges. 

You can also add regions like the U.K., Canada, Europe, Asia, and more to your Starter plan to get access to stocks that trade in these regions. You can get started with a Starter Plan for $10/month (billed as $120/year) and add features as you need them.

3. Professional Plan

The Professional plan offers unlimited access to premium metrics and all the platform features and tools for more than 135 exchanges and 100,000 stocks worldwide. 

The monthly Professional plan subscription costs $199, but users can save money by opting for the annual subscription, which costs $792/year. Both the annual and monthly payment plans offer the same level of access to premium features.

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