Plethora Businesses

The California, USA-based M&A firm

Plethora Businesses

Plethora Businesses is a USA M&A firm based in California that specializes in mergers, acquisitions, and appraisals. Since its establishment in 1999, the firm has been serving the lower middle market where buyers and sellers of privately held companies meet.

Plethora Businesses targets businesses with an enterprise value of between $5 million to $100 million and that have an EBITDA between $500,000 to $10 million. The firm’s main clients include family offices, high net worth individuals, corporate buyers with outsourced M&A requirements, privately held entrepreneur-owned businesses, and private equity groups with committed funds.

Plethora Businesses

According to Plethora’s website, the company has built an extensive network of both buyers and sellers and has closed over 200 successful transactions in the last decade. The firm’s main services include sell-side advisory services, mergers, acquisitions, business sales, valuations, and appraisals. Plethora is experienced in several sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, medical, electronics, e-commerce, consumer products, building and construction, and the food industry. It is registered in Southern California, but it represents clients from around the world.

Services Offered by Plethora Businesses

Plethora Businesses offers the following services:

Buy-side M&A advisory

Plethora Businesses provides business acquisition services to clients looking to acquire a minority or majority stake in a company. The firm starts by refining the acquisition criteria to know the client’s preferences in completing an acquisition. It conducts market research; acquisition search of eligible companies; communication with potential candidates via mail, phone, and physical contacts; database control; canvassing; qualifying; preliminary review; identification and presentation of selected business to the buyer; and provision of all the necessary information about the selected business.

The company also offers a range of support services to buyers to help them complete the transaction successfully. Some of these services include pre-due diligence coordination, buyer-seller negotiations, on-site inspection, and financing package and purchase-sale agreement coordination. The services aim to facilitate the acquisition process and provide solutions to potential problems from the buyer side. The firm organizes the financing for the transaction with its network of financial providers.

Sell-side M&A advisory

Plethora Businesses works with sellers looking to dispose of all or part of their businesses. The firm develops a confidential business review that is used to pitch qualified buyers who are interested in purchasing the seller’s business. The business review is aimed at making the client’s business more attractive to potential buyers. Plethora also negotiates the deal terms of the transaction to ensure that the seller obtains maximum value for their business.

The company works with a network of qualified buyers that includes investment groups, high net worth individuals, corporate buyers, and private equity groups, as well as strategic buyers. Its most important role as a sell-side advisor is to connect buyers and sellers and initiate contact with potential buyers to assess their interest.

Valuation services

Businesses often require an independent valuation assessment to determine the current value of their businesses. Plethora Businesses employs a team of appraisers and evaluators who are experienced in providing valuations, using the latest market data and sophisticated valuation techniques.

The firm provides valuation services for various needs such as business litigations, gift tax planning, succession planning, debt or equity financing, divorce, and mergers and acquisitions. Businesses may also require a valuation report when borrowing money from financial institutions.

Capital solutions

Plethora Businesses also works with businesses to provide financing solutions when acquiring another business, expanding into new markets, and expanding their operations. The firm maintains established relationships with various finance providers such as commercial banks, hybrid funds, equity investors, mezzanine funds, and senior credit providers. For companies that require flexible lending terms, it negotiates with lenders to provide credit that suits the revenue flows of the borrower.

Pre-sale advisory services

Many business owners who are planning to retire in the next few years may start developing an exit strategy a few years beforehand. The timeframe allows them to manage any pending issues like debts and taxes before handing over the business to a new owner. Plethora Businesses works with the owners to ensure a smooth transition to the new owner.

Some of the services that the firm provides in pre-sale advisory include business valuation, preparing the business for due diligence, finding interested and qualified buyers, identifying any risks and roadblocks that may delay or hinder the transaction, and analyzing third-party content requirements.

Management Team of Plethora Businesses

The following are the top executives of Plethora Businesses:

George Lanza

George Lanza is a co-founder of Plethora Businesses and serves as the President and Managing Director. He has been involved in more than 1,500 valuations and closed more than 250 mergers and acquisitions transactions. Lanza’s areas of expertise include management, business valuations, consulting, and mergers and acquisitions. He holds various prestigious certifications, such as the Mergers and Acquisitions Master Intermediary certification, Certified Business Intermediary, Business Certified Appraiser, and Machinery & Equipment Appraiser. Lanza is also a FINRA registered stockbroker and holds licenses 63 and 7.

Dora Lanza

Dora Lanza is a co-founder of Plethora Businesses and serves as the Principal and Chief Operating Officer. Her main role involves working with business owners and dealmakers to assess the value of privately held companies and formulate a financing plan for transactions. Lanza holds various certifications including the Mergers and Acquisitions Master Intermediary, Certified Business Intermediary, Senior Appraiser Certification, Machinery & Equipment Appraisals, and Certified Credit Underwriter. Also, she holds FINRA licenses series 63 and 7 and is a licensed real estate broker in the state of California.

Robert Fahrenhorst

Robert Fahrenhorst joined Plethora Businesses in 2002 as a financial analyst and transactional coordinator and has risen to the position of Managing Director. Fahrenhorst is responsible for overseeing transactions such as traditional sales, recapitalizations, and mergers. His work involves deal origination, negotiations, and coordination of financing for transactions. His expertise is in light manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and food companies. Fahrenhorst holds FINRA series 79 and 63 licenses and is a licensed broker in the state of California.

Michael Jeub

Michael Jeub serves as a Director at Plethora Businesses. He works with the firm’s network of qualified buyers to source deals that match their criteria. Jeub collaborates with prospective sellers to find suitable deals that are within the company’s investment value and EBITDA range. He holds FINRA series 7 and 63 and is a licensed real estate salesperson.

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