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Spain-based venture capital firm

What is Samaipata Ventures?

Samaipata Ventures is a Spain-based venture capital firm that focuses on seed and startup investments. The firm invests in e-commerce and marketplace companies in Europe, and it seeks to put in between €0.5 million and €1.5 million, including expansions.

In mid-2015, Jose del Barrio, former CEO of Spanish food delivery marketplace, La Nevera Roja, founded the company. Samaipata Ventures aspires to reimagine the venture capital industry in the European market through specialized methodology and a hands-on approach with entrepreneurs.

Samaipata Ventures

Samaipata Ventures’ Portfolio


OnTruck is an innovative technology for the road freight transport industry that was created by Inigo Juantegui in 2016. The technology targets medium-haul road freight shipping of fewer than 150 kilometers. Usually, trucks shipping goods for less than 150 kilometers travel half-empty and feature a low level of digitization.

OnTruck solves these problems by pooling shipments, thereby optimizing fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions. The technology helps businesses make freight bookings in real-time and maximize truck fill rates.

Samaipata Ventures partnered with other firms, such as Point Nine, Localglobe, Total, Atomico, and Idinvest Partners, to invest €11.1 million in OnTruck. The funding was raised in two rounds, €2 million in the seed round in October 2016 and $10 million in the Series A round in May 2017.


FoodCheri is a virtual French restaurant that delivers meals to customers through a mobile app. Founded in 2015 by Patrick Asdaghi, Food Cheri offers fresh and delicious meals to busy professionals in Paris, France. The meals are delivered in less than 20 minutes after ordering through the iOS and Android apps.

FoodCheri operates from a large central kitchen with its chefs and culinary teams. It handles the entire value chain from food preparation to delivery to homes and offices. The France-based early-stage company was funded by four investors, including Brega Capital, Samaipata Ventures, and 360 Capital Partners. The company raised €1 million in the seed round and €6 million in the Series A round.

21 Buttons

21 Buttons is a fashion social and shopping network. The fashion trend portal allows users to earn money by sharing their outfits and buying the fashion items they like. Shoppers can buy any fashion item that their friends, artists, and influencers have shared on the site.

21 Buttons founder, Marc Soler Obradors, raised €13,170,778 in four funding rounds. Some of the investors who participated in the financing rounds include Kibo Ventures, Samaipata Ventures, JME Venture Capital, Breega Capital, Mediaset, Banco Sabadell, and 360 Capital Partners.


CornerJob is a mobile hiring app that was founded by David Rodriquez, Mauro Maltagliati, Gerald Olive, and Miguel Vicente within the ecosystem created by Antai Venture Builder incubator. It is headquartered in Barcelona and operates in Spain, Italy, France, and Mexico.

The Cornerjob app allows users to register, sign up, and access thousands of job offers listed on the app. Recruiters can recruit from a large database of candidates at any time and from any location. The app also allows recruiters to access specific statistics related to the offers within seconds. Candidates can apply for the job offers, chat with the recruiters, and get a response within 24 hours.

CornerJob raised a capital of $57 million in four funding rounds that attracted 22 investors, including Samaipata Ventures.


Spotahome is a Madrid-based startup that allows expats to rent mid- to long-term accommodations online. It was launched in 2014 by Alejandro Artacho, Hugo Monteiro, Bruno Bianchi, and Bryan McEire. The rental site offers thousands of personally checked rental facilities, with virtual viewing on the website. Visitors can view HD video tours, photography, and floor plans without an in-person viewing.

Apart from Spain, Spotahome is available in Valencia, Rome, Granada, Berlin, Dubai, London, and Vienna. The startup raised € 13.6 million in four funding rounds that attracted 13 investors, including Passion Capital, Seiya Ventures, Samos Investments, and Samaipata Ventures.

Samaipata Ventures’ Management Team

Jose del Barrio – Founding Partner

Jose del Barrio founded Samaipata Ventures in 2015, and he holds the position of CEO in the company. Jose started his career as a supply chain business analyst at Accenture in 2006 and then moved to Fundacion H.N. in Bolivia as the project manager. He also worked at PwC, first as a strategy consultant and then rising to the level of a strategy manager.

Jose co-founded his first startup company, La Nevera Roja, in 2011 before selling the company to Rocket Internet for €80 million. He held the post of CEO of La Nevera after the sale to help in the transition process. Jose holds a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration from the University Carlos III of Madrid.

Eduardo Diez Hochleitner – Chairman

Eduardo Diez Hochleitner holds the position of advisor and chairman of Samaita Ventures since October 2016. Earlier in his career, Eduardo served as a chief financial officer and chief operations officer of the Pisa group. He also worked at BNP Paribas Madrid in the private equity department for more than a decade. Eduardo holds an MBA from the IESE Business School.

Ignacio Tovar – Partner

Ignacio Tovar joined Samaipata Ventures in July 2015 and held the position of principal for two years. He currently serves as a partner at Samaipata Venture and as the head of the digital transformation team of Iberia.

Before joining Samaipata Ventures, Ignacio worked in the strategic consulting and processes department of Accenture, as well as in the logistics department of Airbus. Ignacio is a Bachelor of Engineering graduate from the University of University Carlos III of Madrid.

Sebastian Fernandez Medrano – Deal Flow Coordinator and Communications Director

Sebastian Fernandez Medrano joined Samaipata Ventures in August 2015 as an analyst. He also worked as the head of deal flow and communications director in mid-2016 and served in that position until August 2017. Sebastian currently serves as an Associate at Samaipata Ventures.

Before joining Samaipata Ventures, Sebastian worked at EY, MediaPro, and Garrigues as a legal intern. He holds Bachelor of Laws, Political Science, and Public Administration degrees from various universities in Spain, the UK, and Brazil.

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