Top Banks in Belarus

An overview of Belarus' leading financial institutions

Overview of Banks in Belarus

Established in 1991, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus acts as the central monetary authority of the country. The Belarusian central bank works to ensure price stability, maintains the financial soundness of banks in Belarus, and ensures the reliable, secure, and efficient functioning of the country’s payment system.

Belarusian banks make up the country’s financial and credit system, together with the budget segment, enterprises, institutions, financial assets of extra-budgetary funds, organizations, and citizens. As of 2019, there were three non-bank financial institutions and 25 banks in Belarus.

Banks in Belarus

In its 2020 report, Moody’s Investors Service said Belarus’ banking system still faced growing risks amid continued state support that helps domestic banks offset challenges brought about by the deterioration in loan quality.

For anyone considering a career in banking in Belarus, this list of banks in Belarus is a helpful guide on where to start. To learn more, see our list of financial institutions.

The Top Banks in Belarus Include:


Belarusbank is the biggest financial institution in Belarus, providing over a hundred banking products and services to its customers. In 2013, it received its license of banking activity issued by the country’s central bank. Belarusbank operates a network of six regional branches, 1,070 outlets, and 120 banking services centers, 101 exchange offices.

Revenue: BYN 950 million (2020)

Net income: BYN 169.8 million (2020)

Total assets: BYN 27.15 billion (2020)

Belinvestbank (Belarusian Bank for Development and Reconstruction)

Belinvestbank started its operations in Belarus in 2001, following the merger between Belarusian Development Bank and Belbusinessbank. In 2005, it received investment bank status, allowing it to offer financing for investment and innovation programs in the republic. The bank also provides currency exchange services, international settlements, and other financial services.

Revenue: BYN 271.81 million (2017)

Net income: BYN 5.36 million (2017)

Total assets: BYN 3.87 billion (2017)


Registered in 1991, Belagroprombank offers a comprehensive range of banking services in Belarus, with a special focus on domestic enterprises. The bank’s main areas of operations are processing customer accounts and payments, securities and currency operations, and providing loans to agricultural and other sectors. It oversees a network of regional directorates in the Minsk City, Minsk, and Brest regions, four regional offices, and a representative office in Italy.

Revenue: BYN 191.5 million (2020)

Net income: USD 44 million (2020)

Total assets: USD 4.10 billion (2020)


Founded in 1990, Belgazprombank is one of the major players in the settlements for gas supplies to Belarus, as well as for Russian gas transport to Europe. Formerly known as Ekorazvitie, it was later renamed Olymp Bank and, finally, Belgazprombank in 1997. The universal bank operates a network of six regional branches, 57 outlets, and 135 other service points throughout the country, serving 715,300 retail customers and 33,400 legal entities.

Revenue: —

Net income: USD 43 million (2017)

Total assets: USD 2.18 billion (2017)

Paritet Bank

Paritet Bank was founded in 1991 as Bank Poisk. In 2004, the bank adopted its current name in compliance with state registration regulations by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. As of 2016, it managed a head office in Minsk and 18 structural divisions across the country.

Revenue: BYN 43.99 million (2016)

Net income: BYN 16.99 million (2016)

Total assets: BYN 363.01 million (2016)


Founded in 1989, Priorbank offers a comprehensive range of financial services to retail and corporate customers in Belarus. As of 2017, the bank employed 2,420 staff and served 709,629 private individuals, 32,961 SMEs, and 1,900 corporate clients.

Priorbank is a subsidiary of Austria-based Raiffeisen Bank, one of the leading financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Revenue: BYN 242.14 million (2019)

Net income: BYN 150.4 million (2019)

Total assets: BYN 5.07 billion (2019)


Founded in 1923, BPS-Sberbank is one of the oldest banks in Belarus. The bank focuses on offering lending services to companies in the chemical, construction, device-making, energy, fuel, and oil refining industries. Headquartered in Minsk, it manages six regional directories, 26 basic additional offices, 27 universal additional offices, and a representative office in Poland.

Revenue: BYN 381.39 million (2020)

Net income: BYN 48.2 million (2020)

Total assets: BYN 4.94 billion (2020)

CJSC VTB Bank (Belarus)

CJSC VTB Bank (Belarus) was established in 1996 as CJSC Slavneftebank. It caters to individual and corporate customers in the country, providing banking products and services, with a focus on loans for small businesses, including individual entrepreneurs and private enterprises. Based in Minsk, the bank manages six branches and nine additional offices.


Technobank obtained its registration from the National Bank of Belarus in 1994. The bank serves more than 11,000 individual and business clients in the country, offering a range of financial products and services. Headquartered in Minsk, it operates as a subsidiary of Belarussian Industrial Bank.


Registered in 1993, Absolutbank provides a full range of banking products and services in Belarus. It offers cash management services in both Belarusian rubles and foreign currency, grants loans, and engages in foreign exchange, securities, remittance, and consulting services.

Revenue: BYN 13.29 million (2017)

Net income: BYN 3.2 million (2017)

Total assets: BYN 103 million (2017)

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