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CFI has compiled these job search and recruiting guides to help you prepare for the process and give you the best shot at landing a successful and prosperous career in corporate finance. These guides cover topics ranging from job search tool, other helpful websites, communities, and competitions to help you along your journey.

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Like so many other aspects of your career, preparation is extremely important for recruitment and job searches. Read these guides and set yourself apart from the competition.

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What is Superday? When a firm thinks you have the skills and are a potential fit for their company, you’re invited to their Superday.  This is when an investment bank makes its final decision on which analysts and associates to hire.  At this point, you’ve passed the phone screen, the first interview, the group interview,...

Wall Street Oasis (WSO)

What is Wall Street Oasis (WSO)? Wall Street Oasis (WSO) is a leading online community for aspiring professionals looking to break into investment banking, private equity, asset management, and other corporate finance careers. WSO operates an online forum where users can create new topic threads, build personal profiles, and comment on existing discussions. The Wall Street...

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