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Resumes and Cover Letters

Finance resumes and cover letters - download templates.

Free Resume Templates

CFI has compiled these free resume templates and cover letter templates for you to download. After saving these Word document files to your computer, replace the information with your own personal details, and be sure to spellcheck thoroughly!



In the pages listed below, you’ll find a nice range of different resume styles. Be sure to pick what fits best with the type of company and position you’re applying to. For example, investment banking is very strict and conservative when it comes to resumes, while finance roles at operating companies are less stringent. Download as many templates as you like to find one that’s the best fit.


Featured Templates

Investment Banking Resume

How to Tailor Your Investment Banking Resume The Investment banking resume is unique.  It’s important to tailor your resume to the industry standard to avoid being immediately deleted just because it doesn’t comply with the standard format. Here are some critical points to be aware of: Your investment banking resume has to be only one...

Investment Banking Cover Letter

Does an investment banking cover letter matter? At most investment banks, cover letters are barely read, if at all.  Applications are typically screened according to your resume, with school and GPA as the first filter.  If you went to a good school and have a strong GPA, then your resume and cover letter will be...

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