BlackRock Virtual Cover Letter

Part of the standard application process

What is the BlackRock Virtual Cover Letter?

BlackRock has recently started requiring candidates to submit a virtual cover letter, in the form of a video, as part of their application for internships or full-time positions.  This article will guide you through what the virtual cover letter is and how to prepare one.

BlackRock virtual cover letter

What questions are asked for the Virtual Cover Letter?

According to sources at CFI, there are typically only two behavioral interview questions asked for in the submission of the BlackRock virtual cover letter.

While there may be variation in these questions over time, the two recently consisted of:

  • Why are you a good fit to work at BlackRock?
  • Why did you choose your field of study at university?

These two questions are intentionally very open-ended, designed to give hiring managers a glimpse of your personality, soft skills, and intellect.

How much time do you have?

According to CFI’s sources, candidates have approximately 30 seconds to practice after logging in and seeing the questions.  After that, candidates have 90 seconds to record their answer to the question in their BlackRock virtual cover letter.

Given the limited amount of time, it’s very important to plan ahead.

See the points below for specific ideas.

What to keep in mind for a BlackRock virtual cover letter

A virtual cover letter is simply a video recording of your answers to some questions. It’s used to quickly get a first impression of a candidate and assess their fit for a position with the firm.

The main things to keep in mind are:

  • Organize your thoughts in advance
  • Write down the key points you want to get across
  • Practice speaking without using “umm” or “ahh” or “like”
  • Dress for the part – you’re on video, so be sure to dress appropriately
  • Be authentic and natural
  • Grab the viewer’s attention by being engaging – smile and look directly into the camera to make “eye contact”
  • Don’t talk too fast or too slow
  • Be able to clearly articulate why you want to work at BlackRock

Learn more about BlackRock careers on their website –> https://careers.blackrock.com/

Additional resources

Thanks for reading this CFI inside guide to the BlackRock virtual cover letter. CFI’s mission is to help you learn more and advance your career and these additional resources will help you on your way:

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