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Download CFI’s Income Statement Template

Please download CFI’s free income statement template to develop your own profit and loss statement for a business or to analyze another company.  After you have downloaded the Excel file, you can enter your own numbers in cells with blue font color which will auto-populate an annual or monthly statement as the result.  The downloadable Excel file contained below includes two types of templates (annual and monthly).

Download the Template

Download the free Excel template now to advance your knowledge of financial modeling and accounting.

The income statement (also called a profit and loss statement) summarizes a business’ revenues and operating expenses over a time period to calculate the net income for the period.

Download Income Statement Templates

Below are two types of income statement templates.

#1 Annual income statement template

If you are analyzing the financial information for a company that spans several years, you may wish to use an annual income statement.  The annual income statement template shown below takes five years of historical (or forecast) data and displays them consecutively.  This provides for an easy year-over-year (YOY) analysis.

This free template can be used for large or small businesses and can be easily edited by removing or inserting rows (for new line items) as required.

Please fill out the form above (name and email address) for the annual income statement template and download a free copy of the Excel file.

Annual Income Statement Template Screenshot

#2 Monthly income statement template

The monthly income statement template is designed for a business that requires a more detailed reporting time period or requires a roll-up of monthly data into each annual period.  Since this template shows the data on a monthly basis, seasonality and month-over-month trends can be easily analyzed.

The monthly income statement template can be used for any size company and allows for easy adjustment by adding and deleting line items.

By filling out the form at the top of this page you can download the Excel file with monthly templates.

Monthly Income Statement template Screenshot

Items Listed on an Income Statement

Just as every business is unique, so is every income statement.  The templates included in the download are designed to be as industry-neutral as possible, and therefore contain more commonly used line item names.

Common examples of items on an income statement are:

Steps for Using the Income Statement Templates

Follow these easy steps to download, update, and use the templates:

  1. Download the template file.
  2. Use the annual or monthly sheet, according to the time period you want for the statement.
  3. Type over each blue font color cell with hardcoded numbers and replace them with your own figures.
  4. Add or remove line items as necessary.
  5. Confirm that all formulas in black font color cells are working as intended.
  6. Save a copy of the file as both a PDF and as an XLS.

There are two types of templates to download (annual and monthly), which are illustrated above.

Changing and Editing the Income Statement Template

The templates included in the Excel file were designed to be easily adapted to any business.  With that in mind, the instructions below will help you update the templates.

Since your company is unlikely to have the same number of expenses as the Excel file, you will need to add or remove line items.

To add more expenses or line items, simply insert a new row and check that all black formulas still work properly.

To remove/delete expenses, right-click on a row and select the delete option with your mouse (or press Alt + E + D on your keyboard).

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