Financial Modeling & Analysis Skills Booster

Investment bankers, equity researchers and financial analysts need to have a strong foundational skillset to be successful. We’ve taken four of those disciplines and built a one-week crash course that’ll show you the ropes—all for free.
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to stay ahead of the curve—or a rising talent looking for your next adventure—there are always opportunities to refine and polish your core skillset.

This one-week skills booster covers the following topics:

  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Business Valuation

Here’s how it works: simply fill out the form on this page, and over the next week you’ll receive helpful articles, free courses, and hands-on templates delivered straight to your inbox.

These resources are designed to offer a balance of high-level education, practical knowledge and real-world exercises—everything you need to both refresh and sharpen your skills in these four crucial aspects of finance!

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