Financial Training Competition

Compare the competition for financial modeling training and courses.

Wall Street Prep

CFI vs. Wall Street Prep (WSP) Without prejudice, for anyone considering a career in investment banking, equity research, FP&A, accounting, or finance, CFI courses are a common way to break in or move up. In this guide, we compare CFI to Wall Street Prep (WSP). CFI courses were created by a leading Wall Street training company…

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Breaking Into Wall Street

CFI vs. Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) Without prejudice, if you want to learn financial modeling and business valuation, CFI courses are one of the best ways to master that art. As a comparison, we’ve lined up some important metrics here between CFI and Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS). CFI courses were created by MDA Training,…

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Open Culture

CFI vs. Open Culture If you want to get into accounting, finance, or capital markets, CFI courses are your best bet, bar none. We partnered with MDA Training to carefully design all our courses and make them the same quality as those used to train new hires at major banks on Wall Street. Lots of…

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