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Why Enter MBA Case Competitions?

MBA case competitions are a great way to add some extracurricular experience to your resume and to demonstrate passion and interest in a certain field. CFI’s Financial Modeling Competition, for example, is the perfect way to get some first-hand experience building a financial model from a case study and use it to value a business. To learn more, visit

Guide to MBA Case Competitions

Top Reasons to Enter MBA Case Competitions

As an MBA student, it’s important to add as much experience and specialization to your resume as possible, and case competitions are one of the best ways to do this.

Top reasons to enter MBA Case Competitions:

  • Show focus and specialization on your resume
  • Demonstrate commitment to extra-curricular activities
  • Win cash prizes
  • Add bragging rights to your resume
  • Travel to a new city (some competitions)
  • Learn new skills

CFI Financial Modeling Case Competition

CFI’s financial modeling competition is open to MBA students around the world who want to compete to be the best at building a financial model to value a company. By using a Private Equity case study, the competition gives contestants a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that they will use to analyze a company’s financial information and build a forecast about how it will perform in the future. That model will then form the basis for whether or not they recommend investing in the company, and if so, at what price.

Submission requirements include a fully completed financial model, a pitchbook outlining the recommendations, and a short video presenting the final materials.

To learn more, visit

CFI case competition for MBA students

Cash Prizes

Cash prizes in the competition include $10,000 to be shared among the top three finishing contestants:

  • $7,000 1st place
  • $2,000 2nd place
  • $1,000 3rd place

Additional Resources

Thank you for reading this guide to MBA case competitions and why you should enter them to boost your resume. To make sure you’re well prepared for competition day, these additional CFI resources will be useful:

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