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What is Anders, Minkler & Diehl?

Anders, Minkler & Diehl, also referred to simply as Anders, is a CPA and advisory firm that serves private companies and high-net-worth individuals. Founded in 1965, Anders is considered one of the leading accounting firms in the Midwest. The firm is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Best Accounting Firm for Women 2017 by Accounting Today, Top 200 Firms 2017 by Inside Public Accounting, and the 2015 Innovation Awards by the St. Louis Business Journal.


Anders, Minkler & Diehl


Anders offers various services, including tax planning and compliance, audit and advisory, outsourced accounting, exit planning, state and local tax, forensic and litigation services, family wealth and estate planning, technology, and employee benefit plans.


History of Anders, Minkler & Diehl

Anders and Minkler was founded in 1965 by James J. Anders and Robert J Minkler. The partners set up their first office in the Railway Exchange Building. The company originally employed four full-time and one part-time staff at the time. The third partner, Jerry Diehl, later joined Anders and Minkler in 1969. The company rebranded in 1969 from Anders and Minkler to Anders, Minkler & Diehl LLP (AMD).

In 2013, Anders, Minkler & Diehl merged with Huber, Ring, Helm and Co. LLP. The new firm adopted the legal name Anders Minkler Huber & Helm LLP and is marketed as Anders. Both firms were two of the top-ranked accounting firms in St. Louis, and the merger enabled the company to serve a higher number of privately-held companies and individuals. The combined firm lists more than 160 partners and members of staff and revenues of more than $26 million.


Services Offered by Anders, Minkler & Diehl

Anders offers a variety of services to privately-owned companies and individuals. Their services include:


Tax Planning and Compliance

Anders assists their clients in crafting long-term tax strategies that help them manage their tax burden. Private companies are subject to various tax laws, both local and state laws, that they must comply with to continue operating in the jurisdictions. Also, high-net-worth individuals with investments in several industries are likely to make mistakes when managing their tax affairs and this may lead to tax issues. Tax planning and compliance helps both individuals and businesses manage their tax affairs efficiently and find legitimate tax-saving avenues without breaking tax laws.


Family Wealth and Estate Planning

Family wealth and estate planning ensure that family wealth is preserved from one generation to another and that there are adequate controls on the assets until they are passed to the next of kin as planned. Without proper planning, there would be uncertainty on how the family estate and assets are to be managed in old age or when the family head is deceased. Some of the services offered by Anders as part of family wealth and estate planning include retirement planning, education planning, charitable giving, elder care services and estate, and gift and trust planning.


Audit and Advisory

Anders offers independent and objective financial statement audits, as well as the assessment of an organization’s internal control systems. An independent audit helps reinforce the confidence of key stakeholders such as investors, lenders, employees, and clients in the company. Some of the services that Anders provides under audit and advisory services include due diligence, internal control assessments, financial forecasting and projections, peer review services, bankruptcy services, liquidation assistance, and audit of financial statements.


Forensic and Litigation Services

Anders works with attorneys and clients in areas such as business disputes, business valuations, fraud investigations, commercial damages, business interruptions, and family law matters. The firm employs an in-house team of professionals who provide the expertise and assistance that is required in these circumstances. Anders employs a forensic and litigation services team that is experienced in valuation services, fraud and forensic services, as well as in litigation and dispute services. They serve clients facing regulatory scrutiny, divorce, family disputes, arbitration and compliance investigations, and high-stakes litigations.


Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced accounting refers to the long-term contracting of a company’s accounting and bookkeeping to an outside accounting services provider. Anders offers outsourced accounting to business owners, family offices, and corporations that want to manage their daily, weekly and annual transactions. Ander’s in-house team provides the companies with real-time reporting that allows clients to track their incomes and expenditures in real-time.


State and Local Tax

The state and local tax laws may sometimes be too complex for business owners and individuals to understand. As most states struggle to finance their budgets, businesses are finding themselves cornered by huge tax bills for taxes they never knew they owed the government. Understanding tax laws and the changes that are introduced every day can help business owners stay on the right side with the government. The Ander’s State and Local Tax team tracks tax changes, trends, public policies, regulations, and other tax areas, and advises their clients on how to comply with these laws while minimizing their tax burdens.


Anders, Minkler & Diehl


Key Executives of Anders, Minkler & Diehl

Robert J. Minkler, Sr., CPA

Robert J. Minkler is one of the founders of Anders, Minkler & Diehl, and he continues to serve in the firm as partner emeritus. He is involved in the company’s Tax Services Group. Some of Minkler’s specialties include tax planning and compliance, business advisory, wealth accumulation, manufacturing and distribution, real estate, and construction. He previously assumed active leadership roles in various organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Management of an Accounting Practice Conference, and the Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants.


Robert J. Minkler Jr.

Robert is the son of the founding partner, Robert Minkler Sr, and serves as the firm’s managing partner. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Business) from Indiana University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of Missouri and Illinois. Some of his specialties include tax planning and consulting, business advisory, succession planning, entertainment and sports, manufacturing and distribution, real estate, stock options, family business, estate planning, and limited family partnerships.


Lorri A. Rippelmeyer

Lorri joined Ander in 1988, and she serves as a partner in the Tax Services Group. She holds a B.S. Accountancy from Webster University and an M.S. Accountancy from Southern Illinois University. Lorri is also a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Missouri. Some of her specialties include tax planning and consulting, sports, arts and entertainment, financial management, wealth management, accounting systems, and advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor.


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