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DealSource Partners – An Overview

DealSource Partners is an investment banking firm that serves middle-market companies in the United States. The firm provides M&A services, corporate finance, and strategic advisory services to both public and private companies.


DealSource Partners


DealSource is led by a team of five managing directors, each with more than two decades of experience in the financial industry. It serves companies in diverse industries including real estate, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, B2B services, technology, and financial services.


Services offered at DealSource Partners

DealSource Partners provides the following services to its clients:


1. Mergers and acquisitions

As a mergers and acquisitions firm, DealSource helps businesses expand into new markets by identifying and introducing strategic acquisition targets that match their acquisition criteria. Once a target has been identified, the firm conducts an evaluation to determine if it represents the needs of the client.

DealSource also analyzes the acquirer’s capital structure to determine the potential impact of the acquisition on its capital structure. It also conducts due diligence of the acquisition target to get all the information that the acquirer may want to know about the target company. When the acquirer is unable to finance the transaction from its retained revenues, the firm organizes debt financing or equity placement with its network of financial providers.


2. Growth capital and debt placement

DealSource Partners serves as a link between companies looking for growth capital and financial providers. Companies looking to expand into new markets often face problems accessing large amounts of capital from their banks. The firm comes in to evaluate the company’s capital requirements and recommends an ideal capital structure that favors the company’s needs, whether it is financing or equity placement.

Once both parties have agreed on a suitable financing structure, DealSource goes ahead to contact interested investors/lenders. The firm presents the financial provider with a confidential information memorandum that explains the financing requirements and what they will get in exchange. During the negotiations, DealSource acts as a communication link between the legal representatives of the client company and the financial providers. Once they have entered into a financing deal, DealSource concludes the negotiations and closes the transaction after the client company has obtained the financing.


3. Sales and divestiture services

When a company is contemplating selling its entire business or a portion of the company, DealSource comes in to oversee the transaction and ensure that the business gets the highest valuation. It achieves this by conducting an independent valuation of the company to know its current market value and advises the client if the market conditions are ideal to proceed with the transaction.

Once both parties agree to proceed with the sale, DealSource prepares a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that provides information about the company to potential buyers. The memorandum provides a brief overview of the company and includes information on the history of the company, services, financial performance, and revenue trends during the previous years. The firm then contacts prospective buyers who have expressed interest in completing the transaction.

DealSource manages the negotiations process with the aim of getting the best possible deal for the client company. It conducts a due diligence process for the client’s business so that the new owner will have all the necessary information that they need to know about the business. Once the firm has reached an agreement with a prospective buyer, it helps in structuring a tax-efficient financing package and closes the transaction.


Management Team at DealSource Partners

The following are the senior executives of DealSource Partners:


Larry Bear – Managing Director

Bear is one of the directors of DealSource, boasting over 30 years of experience in operating, growing, and acquiring middle-market companies. He previously sold companies and represented buyers in various industries such as business services, food, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, consulting, and agriculture.

The managing director started selling and acquiring businesses in the early 1980s. He worked in Geneva Group in the New York area, where he conducted over 12 transactions of middle-market companies within three years. Later on, in the mid-1990s, Bear becomes an independent intermediary, and he represented private equity firms that were looking to make acquisitions of firms with revenues ranging between $30 million to 150 million.

In 2007, he acquired an answering service in New York. He modernized the company by transitioning from physical operators to remote operators, before merging with a larger company.


Ken Lacy – Managing Director

Lacy is a managing director at DealSource, with more than 25 years of experience in providing merger and acquisition advisory and business financing services to both public and private middle-market companies. He has focused his expertise on the buy-side of M&A transactions, with over 60 transactions, some of which involve overseas companies looking to acquire US companies.

In the past, Lacy also conducted transactions in various industries such as retail and wholesale distributorship, manufacturing, healthcare, business services, transportation, technology, and real estate.

Before joining DealSource, Lacy served in various organizations as a chief financial officer and chief marketing officer. He also worked as an analytical research chemist at the start of his career. Lacy earned his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and Finance, and he is a certified CFA.


Michael Chasse – Managing Director

Chasse is a managing director at DealSource and provides advisory services with regard to acquisitions, sales, and funding opportunities. Over the last three decades, he has closed various transactions in the real estate industry involving sale-leasebacks, land banking, site selection, and residential building and development.

Chasse is also a lecturer, speaking at various professional organizations and seminars on issues relating to real estate trends and forecasts. He has provided consultancy services on underwriting, product segmentation, market analysis, strategic planning, and strategic acquisitions. Chasse received his B.S. in Finance from Arizona State University.


David Luvisa – Managing Director

Luvisa is also a managing director at DealSource. His areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance advisory services, and financial consulting. He previously completed dozens of transactions with middle-market companies, with some of the transactions stretching to Asia, Europe, and Canada. During these engagements, Luvisa gained significant experience in the technology, manufacturing, and building materials sectors.

Before joining DealSource, Luvisa headed one of Citigroup’s divisions that served middle-market companies in the US. He directly supervised a team of investment bankers and support staff assigned to the division. Before then, he worked at E.F. Hutton as a financial consultant.


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