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About NuVescor

NuVescor is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that is located in Michigan. It provides business valuations, financial analysis, and investment guidance to middle-market companies with $5 million to $500 million in annual revenues. The firm serves both buyers and sellers of businesses across the United States and in other countries.




According to the company’s website, NuVescor previously sold companies in Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Greater Grand Rapids, and other areas in Michigan. The firm also conducted business in over 20 states and in other countries outside the US.


Services Provided by NuVescor

As a mergers and acquisitions firm, NuVescor’s main services include buying and selling businesses.



NuVescor helps companies and individuals looking to purchase a business to navigate through the buying process. The firm identifies companies that are on sale, conducts due diligence, and prepares marketing materials that are sent to the buyers. NuVescor works alongside other professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, and business valuation specialists to guide buyers through the buying process. A typical buying process involves the following:

  • Market research

NuVescor gathers all the information that buyers are interested to know about a target company. The information includes previous financial statements, management structure, performance trends, auditor’s reports, etc. The company conducts due diligence to provide the buyers with as much information as they need to make a decision. NuVescor also works with the clients and their advisors to develop an acquisition or merger strategy that is based on their specific goals.

  • Buyer support

Buyer support involves providing tools and coaching to help the investors make a sound decision. For inexperienced individual buyers, the firm provides personalized coaching and tools that they need throughout the process. For companies that are looking to acquire other businesses, NuVescor provides a team of specialists that work alongside the client’s internal team to facilitate the buying process. The goal of buyer support is to answer any questions that buyers may have about the process, provide all the information required, and help them create a custom strategy that will serve as a basis for the negotiations.

  • Financing

NuVescor works with finance providers to provide the required financing to facilitate the transaction. Some buyers may be interested in acquiring a business but they lack the funds to facilitate the transaction. In such scenarios, NuVescor presents them with a list of financing packages from its contacts that fits their client’s business model.



NuVescor helps business owners sell their businesses in a way that provides value to the owners and company investors. Some of the activities involved include conducting business valuations, listing the businesses for sale, locating and vetting potential buyers of the business, and providing technical assistance until the last point of sale or acquisition. NuVescor follows the following RUA Transaction Process:

  • Preparation

This is the first phase of the selling process and it generally takes 30-60 days. It involves conducting market research, testing, and reviewing the financial information of the company. NuVescor evaluates the owner’s readiness to move forward with the business sale and then prepares a strategic plan to sell the business.

  • Matchmaking

Matchmaking is the second step of the Rua Transaction Process and it takes an average of 60-90 days. It involves matching the sellers to potential buyers. The company prepares and organizes presentations and business proposals that detail all the important information of the company such as history, performance trends, and financial statements for recent years. This information helps to narrow down to the best potential buyers that are ready to take over the business. It ensures that the sellers get the best offer for the business and the buyers get the best value for the money.

  • Closing

Once the company has found the ideal matches for the seller, they move to the closing stage. This stage takes 60-90 days to complete. The seller is given the most promising purchase proposals to determine which one fits what they are looking for. Once the seller has selected the best proposal, the company schedules a closing session, which involves preparing and signing all the required legal documents.


Tools Used by NuVescor in the Selling Process

NuVescor uses two main tools to facilitate the selling process. The tools include:


Sell assessment

The sell assessment is an eight-question assessment that is aimed at assessing the seller’s readiness to sell their business. It is ideal for companies and individuals planning to sell their business immediately or within several years. After completing the test, the company sends the confidential results to the sellers within a short duration.


Value builder system

The value builder system is a more detailed tool that takes an average of 13 minutes to complete. It gives an immediate score after completion of a prediction of the kind of offer that the business will get.




NuVescor Management Team


Randy Rua (Managing Partner)

Rua is the managing partner of NuVescor and the brain behind the Rua Transaction Process. He founded Rua Associates in 2010 and later purchased NuVescor in 2016. He is a Certified Business Appraiser (National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts), a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (Exit Planning Institute), and a Certified Advisor for the Value Builder System. He holds a B.S. degree in Engineering from Calvin University and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.


Nick Good (Managing Director)

Good joined NuVescor in 2013 as a Senior Analyst and now works as a Managing Director at the company. He provides strategic directions in the buy and sell process through financial modeling, deal structuring, negotiating, and coordinating the transfer of ownership from sellers to buyers. Nick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Calvin College and an MBA in Finance from Boston College.


Bruce Meyer (Managing Director)

Meyer joined NuVescor in 2017 and serves as a Managing Director. His main responsibilities include identifying buyers for the sell-side projects and working with buy-side acquisition searches. He previously served in the United States Navy. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from Baker College and also studied at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.


Travis Ernst (Managing Director)

Ernst initially worked at Rua Associates before joining NuVescor as a Managing Director in 2017. His responsibilities include project management, overseeing clients in the Rua Transaction process from the start to the end. Travis served in the US Army for 12 years before venturing into business. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University.


Kim Eluskie (Finance and HR Administrator)

Eluskie joined NuVescor in 2008 and she currently serves as the Finance and HR Administrator. Her responsibilities include accounting, human resource management, client information management, and other office administrative functions.


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