Top Banks in Sri Lanka

An overview of Sri Lanka's leading financial institutions

Overview of Banks in Sri Lanka

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka serves as the country’s central bank and exercises supervisory powers over its financial system. Established in 1950, it is responsible for the conduct of monetary policy and oversight of banks in Sri Lanka. As a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, the central bank is engaged in developing policies to promote financial inclusion.

Top Banks in Sri Lanka

The different types of banks in Sri Lanka include:

  • Licensed commercial banks
  • Registered finance companies
  • Licensed specialized banks

The April 2021 outlook of Moody’s Investor Service for the Sri Lankan banking system remains negative, which is reflective of expectations of deterioration due to the lack of favorable economic and fiscal conditions, largely due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Sri Lanka.

For anyone considering a banking career in Sri Lanka, this list of top banks in Sri Lanka is a helpful guide on where to start. To learn more, see our lists of financial institutions.

The Top Banks in Sri Lanka Include:

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Established in 1920, the Commercial Bank of Ceylon provides various banking products and services in Sri Lanka and Mumbai. It operates through five segments – Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, International Operations, Investment Banking, and Dealing and Treasury.

Based out of Colombo, the bank employs around 5,000 staff. It operates 287 branches and 906 ATMs in Sri Lanka, and 19 branches and 20 ATMs in Bangladesh.

Net income: LKR 16.94 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 1.82 trillion (3/2021)


Sampath Bank Plc

Based out of Colombo, Sampath Bank Plc provides various banking and financial products and services in Sri Lanka and other countries. Incorporated in 1986, it manages a network of approximately 229 branches and 381 ATMs.

The bank operates 229 conventional banking branches, 348 on-site ATMs, 97 off-site ATMs, ten overseas branches, 465 CDMs, 13 check deposit machines, 203 MYBANK agents, and five digital banking centers.

Net income: LKR 8.44 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 1.19 trillion (3/2021)


National Savings Bank

Founded in 1832, National Savings Bank is one of the oldest banks in Sri Lanka and serves its customers through 259 branches, 2,858 school bank units, and 279 ATMs, as well as an agency network, including 651 post offices and 3,410 sub-post offices in Sri Lanka. Headquartered in Colombo, it employs around 3,000 staff.

Net income: LKR 10.82 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 1.38 trillion (2020)

People’s Bank

Established in 1961, People’s Bank is one of the state-owned banks in Sri Lanka. It provides personal banking products and services, corporate banking services, treasury services and development banking services, and overseas customer services. It operates out of Colombo and employs around 11,000 individuals.

The bank comprises banking, leasing, travels, and other segments. It manages a network of 741 branches and approximately 506 ATMs.

Net income: LKR 15.23 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 2.40 trillion (2020)

Hatton National Bank

Another of the older banks in Sri Lanka, Hatto National Bank was incorporated in 1888. It operates through five segments – Banking, Leasing/Hire Purchase, Property, Insurance, and Others.

With around 4,992 employees, it is headquartered in Colombo. It oversees 252 branches in Sri Lanka and 485 ATMs.

Net income: LKR 13.10 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 1.39 trillion (3/2021)

Seylan Bank Plc

Established in 1987, Seylan Bank Plc provides commercial banking and related financial services in Sri Lanka. It operates through its Banking, Treasury, and Property/Investment segments.

It operates a network of 172 banking centers, 215 ATMs, and 98 student savings centers. With around 3,261 employees, it is headquartered in Colombo City.

Net income: LKR 3.04 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 562.9 billion (3/2021)

National Development Bank Plc

Headquartered in Colombo, the National Development Bank Plc was incorporated in 1979. The bank operates in four segments – Banking, Capital Markets, Property Investment, and Others. It employs around 2,900 people and manages a network of 113 branches and 161 ATMs.

Net income: LKR 5.12 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 641.7 billion (3/2021)

Amana Bank

Founded in 2009, one of the newest and smallest of the major banks in Sri Lanka, Amana Bank provides commercial banking services. It operates through Consumer Banking, Business Banking, and Treasury segments.

Amana Bank oversees a network of 32 branches and 31 ATMs. With around 857 employees, it is based out of Colombo.

Net income: LKR 464 million (2020)

Total assets: LKR 106.5 billion (3/2021)

Nations Trust Bank Plc

Based out of Colombo, Nations Trust Bank Plc was established in 1999. The bank offers banking products and services to individuals, corporate and institutional customers, and small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka. It operates through Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, SME Banking, Leasing, Treasury Function, Investment Banking, Insurance Brokering, and Property Management segments.

The bank employs around 2,800 staff and manages a network of 96 branches and 111 ATMs, serving approximately 609,000 customers.

Net income: LKR 4.05 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 362.1 billion (3/2021)


Founded in 1955, DFCC Bank provides financial products and services in Sri Lanka. The bank operates through a network of 139 branches and 50 service points, as well as approximately 4,500 ATMs. With around 2,230 employees, it is based out of Colombo.

Net income: LKR 2.74 billion (2020)

Total assets: LKR 462.9 billion (3/2021)

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