Top Banks in Vietnam

Overview of Vietnam's leading financial institutions

Overview of Banks in Vietnam

The State Bank of Vietnam serves as the country’s central bank. Established in 1961, the country’s central bank supervises all credit institutions and banks in Vietnam to ensure their compliance with domestic monetary laws and policies.

The main functions of the State Bank of Vietnam include:

  • Regulating the issuance of banknotes
  • Maintaining currency reserves
  • Securing monetary stability
  • Managing the currency and credit system in Vietnam
  • Formulating, implementing, and monitoring the monetary policy; prescribing broad parameters for banking operations
  • Managing the circulation of banknotes and coins
  • Managing foreign exchange
  • Acting as the banker’s bank


Banks in Vietnam


According to Moody’s, the outlook for Vietnam’s banking system is positive, due to the country’s strong economic prospects and a positive outlook for most of the rated banks in Vietnam.

For anyone considering a banking career in Vietnam, this list of top banks in Vietnam is a helpful guide on where to start. To learn more, see our list of financial institutions.


The top banks in Vietnam are:



Established in 1988, VietinBank provides commercial banking products and services to individuals and corporate customers in the country. The bank manages 157 branch offices, one trade finance center, five cash management centers, three administrative units, two local representative offices, and an overseas representative office in Myanmar. Headquartered in Hanoi, it employs 22,000 individuals.

Revenue: VND 53 trillion (2016)

Net income: VND 6.86 trillion (2016)

Total assets: VND 948.7 trillion (2016)



Founded in 1988, Agribank is a state-owned bank and one of the largest banks in Vietnam. The specialized bank operates a network of 2,300 branches, 2,500 ATMs, and several transaction offices in Vietnam, and a representative office in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It offers 200 products and services and serves 12 million customers. With around 40,000 employees, it is based in Hanoi.

Revenue: —

Net income: VND 5 trillion (2017)

Total assets:  VND 1,200 trillion (2017)



Vietcombank started its operations in 2002. It is a joint stock commercial bank engaged in foreign trade. Headquartered in Hanoi, the bank employs around 15,000 staff and manages 101 branches and 395 transaction offices spread across the country.

Revenue: VND 46.16 trillion (2017)

Net income: VND 9.11 trillion (2017)

Total assets: VND 1,035 trillion (2017)


Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

Based in Hanoi, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) was founded in 1999. The bank oversees 191 local branches, a branch in Myanmar, and 815 transaction offices, and employs around 25,000 staff.

Revenue: VND 30.43 trillion (2017)

Net income: VND 6.3 trillion (2017)

Total assets:  VND 1,006 trillion (2017)


Military Bank

Established in 1994, Hanoi-based Military Bank provides personal and corporate banking services for organizations and individuals in Vietnam. With around 10,600 employees, the bank operates a network 91 branches, 176 transaction offices, and a representative office.

Revenue: VND 9.86 trillion (2016)

Net income: VND 2.88 trillion (2016)

Total assets: VND 256.26 trillion (2016)



Based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) is one of the largest private banks in Vietnam. The bank offers deposits, loans and advances, foreign exchange transactions services, international trade finance services, and discounting of commercial papers, bonds, and other valuable services.

Founded in 1993, SHB employs 6,351 staff. It oversees 53 branches and 232 transaction offices in Vietnam, four branches in Cambodia, and one branch in Laos.

Revenue: VND 4.75 trillion (2016)

Net income: VND 913 billion (2016)

Total assets: VND 233.33 trillion (2016)



Founded in 1993, Techcombank provides personal and corporate banking services in Vietnam. Additionally, it also offers investment banking services comprising margin trading, investment research, securities custody, and securities corporate action services; corporate finance and personal investment advisory services; and priority banking services.

The bank manages two representative offices and 312 transaction offices. With around 8,800 employees, it is headquartered in Hanoi.

Revenue: VND 15.74 trillion (2016)

Net income: VND 3.149 trillion (2016)

Total assets: VND 235.36 trillion (2016)


Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB)

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Commercial Bank provides personal and corporate banking services in Vietnam. Established in 2012, the bank participates in major financial activities such as mobilizing deposits from individuals and corporations, providing loans and payment accounts, international payments, and trading foreign currency and gold.

Revenue: VND 26.64 trillion (2017)

Net income: VND 124 billion (2017)

Total assets: VND 444.03 trillion (2017)


Maritime Bank

Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Maritime Bank) was established in 1991. The bank’s major activities include providing domestic and international remittance services, providing loans to individual customers, and offering short-term deposit certificates and payment deposits, as well as e-banking services. Based in Hanoi City, it currently operates 230 branches in the country.

Revenue: VND 15.55 trillion (2016)

Net income: VND 2.88 trillion (2016)

Total assets: VND 256.26 trillion (2016)


VP Bank

Incorporated in 1993, VP Bank provides various banking financial products and services to organizations and individuals in Vietnam. The bank is involved in mobilizing short, medium, and long-term capital; providing short, medium and long-term loans; trading foreign exchange; and discounting trade papers and bonds. It operates 51 branches and 163 transaction offices.

Revenue: VND 34.13 trillion (2017)

Net income: VND 6.44 trillion (2017)

Total assets: VND 277.75 trillion (2017)


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