Office Manager Salary Guide

Overview of compensation in office management

Office Manager Salary Guide

In this article, we present to you an office manager salary guide for those looking to get a job in office management. An office manager is responsible for several executive activities. They may include supervising staff, developing procedures for administrative tasks, purchasing office supplies and equipment, analyzing and monitoring operational costs, and hiring and training support staff.

Office Manager Salary Guide

An office manager should be able to work well in a fast-paced environment and oversee multiple projects at once. He/she works together with other staff, such as department heads, to ensure that operations are running smoothly and that he/she is updated on the status of all projects. An office manager salary guide may often be determined by the extent of the manager’s responsibilities. Good office managers possess excellent communication, problem-solving, organizational, and managerial skills.

Office Manager Salary Guide – Jobs in the US

Regarding education requirements, some employers look for office manager candidates with just a certificate or associate’s degree. Some hiring managers prefer candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration for the position. Some employers also look for candidates with at least two years of experience at a managerial level. It is a plus to be proficient in different computer software programs. On-the-job training is typically necessary because the position of office manager varies widely between different types of businesses.

An office manager should possess excellent skills in communication, leadership, problem-solving, and relationship-building. Interpersonal skills and a wide range of computer skills are considered essential. One of the trends to consider in hiring an office manager or building support staff is that administrative jobs have become less traditional. Companies want candidates who are willing to learn new technical skills to support the rest of the team.

Considering the numerous and important responsibilities of an office manager, many consider it a demanding and stressful job. An office manager can go through a number of different career paths prior to rising to the office manager position – for example, previous experience may include time spent as a human resources manager, an operations manager, or an executive assistant.

Office Manager Salary Guide in the US for 2018

An office manager salary guide ranges from $31,282 to $66,386. A candidate with average experience and skills needed for the job can expect a median salary of $45,000. (Source: Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide for Administrative Professionals).

office manager job - salary and guide

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