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What is efinancialcareers?

efinancialcareers is a valuable online resource for jobs in finance, banking, accounting, and insurance.  The website provides a wide range of news, guides, job postings, and information candidates are looking for in their financial career search.

Here is a link to their website -> http://www.efinancialcareers.com/

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How to use efinancialcareers

The best way to use the e-financial-careers website is to create a profile and populate it with as much information as possible.  Next, upload your resume and cover letter so that you can quickly apply for jobs.

There is a job search filter function that enables you to look for job opportunities based on location and a wide range of other criteria, including company, sector, job title, and skills.

It’s important to regularly check the website and signup for their distribution list if you want to stay on top of job openings.

Why use efinancialcareers

The top reasons to use the efinancialcareers website, or similar sites, are:

  • Job searching
  • News and industry updates
  • Career advice
  • Resume and cover letter support

How to advance your finance career

In addition to using all the wonderful resources on efinancialcareers, we also highly recommend boosting your resume will technical skills and knowledge learned here at CFI.

At CFI, we are on a mission to help you advance your career in the financial sector.  That means we give you all the real-world tools and training you need to become a world-class financial analyst.  Based on decades of first-hand experience in training new hires at global investment banks, we have designed courses that simulate the training you would receive as a new analyst or associate.

The Analyst Trifecta®

If you plan on applying for a lot of jobs on the efinancialcareers website, it’s important to understand what employers are looking for.  At CFI, we teach a unique method, called The Analyst Trifecta, which places equal emphasis on three important parts of being a financial analyst:

  • Analytics
  • Presentation
  • Soft skills

To learn more, please explore our free guide on how to be a world class financial analyst.

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We hope this has been a helpful guide on how the efinancialcareers website can help you land the job you’re looking for.  An addition, these free resources from CFI can also be a big help in expanding your knowledge and advancing your career:

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Advance your career in investment banking, private equity, FP&A, treasury, corporate development and other areas of corporate finance.

Get certified as a financial analyst with CFI’s FMVA® Program.

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