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Freshersworld – Bank Jobs in India

Find bank jobs in India online

What is Freshersworld?

Freshersworld is India’s largest job search website with over 10 million resumes and 60 thousand recruiters, according to the company.  Job seekers can apply government jobs, private sector jobs, bank jobs, and more directly on the website. Users may sign up for daily job alerts via email to stay current on the most recent opportunities.  Freshersworld claims to be the only site that allows direct application for government jobs and multinational jobs in India.  You can register for the site here ->



Bank jobs in India on Freshersworld

One of the main categories on Freshersworld is Bank Jobs.  You can search for bank jobs on Freshers website here.

Candidates can search for the latest bank job vacancies in India via the website’s search portal.  If you’ve always wanted to find an opportunity in the banking category, this could be the largest source of job posting for you.

It’s important to know that the banking system in India consists of both public and private banking jobs, and is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). 

Learn more about the top commercial banks in India to find out where the opportunities are.

Additionally, you may want to read about the investment banking industry in India to prepare for your upcoming job search.


Exams required for bank jobs in India

There are many online exams offered that are required for different positions at banks including:

  • RBI Clerks & Officers Exam
  • NABARD Officers Exam
  • IBPS PO Exam
  • SBI PO Exam
  • SBI Clerk Exam
  • IBPS Clerk Exam
  • IBPS RRB Officer Exam
  • IBPS RRB Office Assistant Exam


Online training for banking careers in India

Most positions at banks require a strong knowledge of accounting, finance, financial analysis and financial modeling.  These skills can be hard to acquire many universities don’t teach practical applications such as Excel modeling or spreadsheet analysis.

CFI’s mission is to help anyone in the world become a great financial analyst and advance their career.

With this mission in mind, CFI has designed important training and development courses related to financial modeling and valuation in Excel.


Training for jobs on Freshersworld


Source: CFI’s online banking courses.


Financial modeling and banking courses

To really stand out at a bank you’ll need strong financial modeling skills, and CFI’s online courses are one of the best ways to develop these skills.

Check out CFI’s banking courses online to learn these skills with step by step video instruction.


Banking courses and training for bank jobs in India


Source: CFI’s online banking courses.


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