Seeking Alpha Resume Booster

This article discusses whether Seeking Alpha articles can be used as an effective resume booster.

What is Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha (SA) is a crowd-sourced article / equity research website for financial markets. SA articles are used to make recommendations on US stocks, mutual funds, portfolio strategies, commodities, and other investments. Login to Seeking Alpha here:

Contributors can publish paid or unpaid articles, depending on whether or not they are exclusive to SA.


Are SA articles reliable?

There is a huge range in quality of articles published on Seeking Alpha.  There is no minimum requirement to become an author.  Authors simply login, write an article, and submit it to the publishers for review.  There is a quality threshold that has to be met, but the individual does not have to any experience, specialized knowledge, or training.

SA articles are usually a good starting point to get some preliminary information on a stock.  They are also good for gauging broader market sentiment (i.e. what the crowd is thinking).


How can Seeking Alpha be used to boost my resume?

Despite the variability in quality of articles, Seeking Alpha can be a great way to add some interesting experience to your resume and help you network as well.

Taking the time to register a Seeking Alpha login, perform research, write an article, and have it meet the quality threshold to be published demonstrates initiative and passion.

Once you have an article published and add it to your resume it can be a great discussion point when networking with industry professionals.  Imaging the impact of telling them that you wrote an article on stock X and wan to know whether they agree or disagree with you on it.


resume with seeking alpha experience


How else can I boost my finance career?

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