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Soft Skills

Improve your personal brand, communication skills, and more

Soft Skills Guides

Contrary to popular belief, soft skills (people skills) can actually be learned and improved upon. The first step is awareness. It’s important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses in this area and then you can develop an approach to approving them. These guides will be a great place to start in developing your skills to move up the ladder.



The following guides will help you focus in on the most important types of people skills you need to excel in finance. Rising to the top is not just about having good financial modeling and valuation skills, it’s also about having the necessary communication and leadership skills.


Featured People Skills Articles

Personal Brand

What is a Personal Brand? Our personal brand is what people see in us. It reveals who we are, what we offer, and what we value. When we work in a company, our colleagues create a perception about us based on how we present ourselves to them. This can either be good or bad, depending...

Office Politics

What are Office Politics? Office politics exist in almost any organization. They are the activities performed by individuals to improve their status and advance their personal agenda – sometimes at the expense of others. These self-serving actions are informal or unofficial and could be the reason why politics in the workplace comes with a negative...

Listening Skills

How to Improve Your Listening Skills? Effective listening skills mean being able to display interest in the topic discussed and being able to understand the information provided by the speaker. In today’s society, the ability to communicate effectively is becoming increasingly important. Although the ability to speak effectively is a highly sought-after skill, developing effective...

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