Get Financial Analyst Experience

How To Get Financial Analyst Experience

The best way to get financial analyst experience is by starting with an internship in a university, then leveraging that to get a full-time offer at a bank or operating company. If you’re not able to follow that path, another option is to become an accountant and transfer into financial services later. Finally, if none of the above work, you could get something that resembles financial analyst experience by completing a practical online certification like the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) program.

Analyst Certification FMVA® Program

Below is a break down of subject weightings in the FMVA® financial analyst program. As you can see there is a heavy focus on financial modeling, finance, Excel, business valuation, budgeting/forecasting, PowerPoint presentations, accounting and business strategy.


Financial Analyst certification curriculum


A well rounded financial analyst possesses all of the above skills!


Additional Questions & Answers

CFI is the global institution behind the financial modeling and valuation analyst FMVA® Designation. CFI is on a mission to enable anyone to be a great financial analyst and have a great career path. In order to help you advance your career, CFI has compiled many resources to assist you along the path.

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