Sebastian Taylor

Sebastian Taylor


Business Intelligence Generalist


Seb studied Economics and Finance at the University of Southampton, with a focus on econometrics & quantitative methods.


Seb started his career in Risk Management, managing the implementation and operations of quantitative energy hedging strategies. Having since worked in several different industries, from Finance to Retail and Service, Seb’s business intelligence skills were developed within the realities of real-world business requirements.

Seb has worked in a range of companies with differing levels of data maturity, from start-ups with zero data infrastructure, to large multinationals with centralized global data. The constant in all these has been Seb’s drive to improve analytical decision-making, through better automation, more effective models, and clarity of communication.

Outside of work

In his spare time, Seb can be found in the depths of the British Columbian wilderness, either exploring the coastal islands by kayak, or tackling a new trail in the South Coast mountains.

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